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Guess what I found in the park? Pollarded willow shoots! What? Leave them there? Last October in Oxfordshire, R and I watched several episodes of a show called Kirstie’s Handmade Britain, where Kirstie Allsopp learned various crafts and entered crafting competitions. One

A while ago, R gave me a perfect little nest that he found. Honestly, he gives the best prezzies in the world. If you’re looking for the best prezzie in the world just ask R. Actually just ask me and I’ll

This St. Paddy's day weekend we: hung sparkly decorations from the chandelier, opened the curtains to let in the sun, ate sun-warmed tomatoes, wore Mardi Gras beads just cause and enjoyed every possible moment. How about you?

It's probably the cold, miserable, rainy in-between days, not quite winter, not yet spring, that makes me want to retreat to the quiet of my office/studio instead of braving the outdoors. Today, my friend Sandra from Raincoast Cottage asked, "Were

There was an old plum tree in the shade garden. It was overgrown with a huge bird's nest of clematis and honeysuckle and over 3/4 of the tree had died and the living 1/4 was oozing gloopy, orange cytospora canker.