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A day out of the ten miles…lunch at Sudeley Castle, Gloucestershire.

You know how on a day out you sometimes say to yourself, “I’d like to go visit a castle…no…wait…maybe some historic ruins. Oh, but then I’d also like a nice place for lunch, some shopping and a museum would be great.” You know…like you do.

Well, I found the best place for you to visit. Sudeley Castle in the beautiful Cotswolds.

This place was home to Queen Katherine Parr, sixth wife of Henry the VIII. She actually walked the grounds, the halls, prayed in the church, and she’s buried there too. You know who else stayed there? Lady Jane Gray, Queen Elisabeth I, Kings Richard III, Charles I, George III…oh, what am I doing…this isn’t a history lesson. But now it’s the private home of Lord and Lady Ashcombe and family, who will let you tour their private apartments on three days/week.

About 3/4 of the castle is habitable and serves as the private rooms, museum and cafe.

The remaining 1/4 is so romantic. Beautiful, majestic ruins.

The cafe is in a part of the old stables. There’s a copy of the warrant of execution for King Charles I hanging on the walls. Apparently it was signed there.

I recommend the roast beef baguette. The chips are out of this world.

The view to the formal gardens from the museum part.

Wouldn’t you love a water feature like this in your garden?

Here is a small knot garden.

And a walled secret garden.

Between the formal garden and the secret garden is the church.

Inside is a marble tomb in which rests Queen Katherine Parr.

The most amazing place. Many more photos on my FB. Come see.

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  • September 6, 2012

    I’m sitting in my office in Richmond, Canada and thinking, “I’d like to go visit a castle today and I don’t mean a bouncy one full of kids!” You are living the dream, enjoy. Cheers, Carla

  • September 15, 2012

    mmmm that sudeley food was unbelievably good .

  • November 12, 2013

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