And she’s back!

Do you ever do this?

Do you ever have to face a trying situation and look forward to a day ahead when you know that situation will be over? I’ve been doing that for three months now.

Autumn’s been rather demanding and surprisingly malicious.

In all I’ve had to deal with so much that my favorite season came and went without me noticing much of its charm and I chose Dec 1st to look forward to as the date when everything would be over.

I left Vancouver for England on Nov 30th in the evening and landed midday Dec 1st.

Now it seems that I lost Dec 1st, or at least a great big part of it, because I chased the sun for ten hours, but that’s just fine.

And here is my reward. A moment of absolute peace on the footpath.

The fields are flooded and there’s no way I have the energy and I’m not wearing my wellies so a walk out to the river today is too much work.

But today finds my pink and rosy heart mended a bit. Warmed by the fleece caught on the briars.

Warmed by the red glow of the black bryony climbed thru the hedgerow.

Warm even in on this icy December day.

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  1. Glad you are safely “there” both physically and otherwise…

    • Thanks Sandra. Things always look better from a distance, don’t they? Leaving Vancouver, and my stresses there behind for a month or two is so good for me, you know, a fresh perspective. (I know they don’t go away, and I just have new stresses here, but somehow the distance helps a little.)

  2. Catherine Llewellyn says:

    Dear Veronica – I have been so looking out for your first England blog post, and here it is – that sense of peacefulness is such a beautiful thing to highlight at this time of year, after all the struggles and ups and downs of the year – i’ve been thinking about it myself today – your images and words are perfect for this moment in time X

  3. I so enjoy your pictures from your walks in England. I don’t remember…why do you live in two places? Autumn is my favorite season, too. Like you, my autumn has been a rough one and flew by in a blur. Enjoy your time there.

    • I know Sabra, what is it with 2012? It’s been a bit of a year hasn’t it? But wait! My lucky number is 13 so 2013 will be great! :)

  4. enjoy the fleece, the hips and the fields :)

  5. Love that fleece on the briars. Actually love that word “briars”:-) Glad you’re getting an little distance and peace. Enjoy your holiday <3

    • It is a lovely word Sara. There was a trend, I think about 20yrs ago now, where little girls were being named Briar. Not sure I’d go that far. :)

  6. What beautiful photos! Yes I do that. I call those periods wishing my life away and I really need to stop that ;-)

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