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The Land Rover restoration catch up

We may have officially tipped the balance of the scale onto the chaos side with four cars on the go, but we’re plugging along slowly but surely.

My mini, Robert’s new black mini, and Robert’s Medusa project are a bit on hold for the Land Rover because we’d really like to drive it somewhere this summer. Before I get on with telling you how it’s all going and probably boring you with tons of car photos, I’d like to say that Robert is the innovative creator of this project and I’m mostly kind of like the magician’s assistant. (But maybe without the cute costume and the rhinestones)

Well, let’s see, let’s start at the beginning of this Land Rover restoration:

Soap and water! That’s always a good place to start.
IMG_8410 copy

dodo clean

Once the mud and grime were somewhat subdued, I saw a few problem spots. One was carpet backing glued onto one of the rear panels and also this:

The caulked, chalky residue that happens when steel rubs against aluminum.
Time to get the angle grinder.

IMG_8426 copy

Well now, the carpet backing came off really easily, but I was in a hurry and didn’t bother with a respirator. Big Mistake!

IMG_8527 copy copyIMG_8411 copy

I was finding it really hard to close the boot lid. I mean I had to push with all my might to get the bottom panel flush enough with the car to slip the locks sideways. R deduced that one of the previous owners had dropped the boot lid down without the chain attached and it hit and bent on the tow ball, so R took of the side braces and straightened them out.

IMG_8520 copy copydodo fix 2

In the meantime, I had an ugly job ahead of me requiring gasoline, diesel, my hair dryer and toothbrush, and tons of hours. But it had to be done.

009 copy copy

One of the previous owners, (probably the same one who dropped the boot lid and bent it), had applied a tar based undercoating and glued down thick woollen insulation all over the foot well and under the seats and covered the original labels and made a huge, goopy mess. If I was going to restore this, the tar had to go.

016 copy copy

You see that one bright spot above with the original paint showing? That was an hour worth of work. See the side of the seat below? Yeah, that took three hours!

By day four with tar gunk I was convinced the previous owner should be hunted down and shot!

012 copy copy IMG_8534 copy copy

Tools of the trade!

dodo fix 3

On Thursday, we took the day to drive out to the scrap yard to find some missing bits for the Dodo.

012 copy copy

We found some scrapped Landies and got to work finding and removing the pieces we needed.

014 copy copy

There’s a Landi there with this short roof turning it into a pick up. I’m thinking it might be great fun to get that roof and have the choice. What do you think? R says there’s no more room in the garages…lol.

022 copy copy

One of the things missing was a fan for the heater. A blue Landi had a lovely red one and R took it out for me while I picked wild flowers. (I know, I’m such a help!)

029 copy copy scrap yard

Here are some of the things we got from the scrap yard. They include the red fan, a battery bracket plus tie-downs, and bump stops.

IMG_8620 copy copy

We also got a spare tire, which sits on the bonnet and makes the Landi look super aggressive. it’s slightly smaller than the wheels I have now, but will get me home in a pinch.

IMG_8623 copy copy

In the meantime…lol…It’s my birthday on Sunday, πŸ˜€ and for my prezzies I asked R for some needed Landi bits. He bought me some wonderful things, like these new rubber gaskets, and they’ve been arriving over the past couple days.

IMG_8626 copy copy

Here are some of my prezzies and the scrap yard finds…and my cup of tea.

IMG_8621 copy copy

And can I just tell you how wonderful Robert’s been today?

He’s replaced the fan, replaced the drag link ball joint in the steering and scrubbed it down and painted it yellow, replaced the head lights, replaced the battery for a larger one, put the hold-down strap on the battery, replaced the wing braces under the wheel arches, and helped me with the sanding disk in the angle grinder.

IMG_8628 copy copy

While mostly I got on with that horrible tar gunk…upside down…under the steering wheel…between the pedals…with gasoline and a toothbrush. πŸ™

(I believe there is a “no more tar” light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s flickering ever so dimly away in the distance, but it’s there!)

Also today, we took it into the construction site for a test drive!

IMG_8654 copy


But then, what’s that feeling? Oh no, the clutch is slipping in third gear. That’s going to be an undertaking.

IMG_8652 copy copy

But, this evening, R ordered me a new clutch plate and tomorrow’s a new day. πŸ™‚

IMG_8605 copy copy

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  • July 11, 2014

    Yolandi looks amazing!!!! and so do you both! xoxoxoxoxo

  • July 12, 2014

    You deserve more than wildflowers and tea for all your yucky tar removal, Veronica!!

  • July 13, 2014

    wow, you guys are really really dedicated! it is looking fab!

  • daryledelstein

    July 14, 2014

    so if you want you can come here and clean the stove/oven it could use a good toothbrush scrub πŸ˜‰

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