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Catching up on work, late into the night…with music

Oh yes!
T minus 4 days till I switch countries and get to hug Robbie and meet my kitten!
Tons of work to get done!!!!
So distracting up here in my studio. Art and creativity potential all over the place. Works in production just begging for me to pick up a brush or quill…
And my city is sparkling across the straight.

013 copy copy

Chloe is giving me a hand scanning originals which may end up on Etsy!!! OMG if I ever get my “tomorrow” together!

002 copy copy

And I’m at my business desk trying to find a lost document. We’re listening to some fabulous music that I identified on Shazam! And boogieing in our chairs.
Fabulous songs like:
Imelda May “It’s good to be alive”
Roberta Flack “Compared to what”
Regina Spector “Lady”
Martin Garrix “Animals”
Oh yes, it’s my turn to feature MY music in the studio. C says, “That’s so you!”
Funny though, we come to something like “Rather Be” by Clean Bandit, and Clover says, “That’s so weird! I just heard that and thought, ‘does mom know about this song?'”
An we come to Walk of the Earth and Beck and C says, “Oh no way! I love that!”
Then she puts on the Walk of the Earth cover of “shake it off” and we watch the video!

024 copy copy

I can’t find that document and I must have it before Dec 31st, (but actually I only have the next 4 days), so I give up and decide to call the Government to get a replacement tomorrow. I also heard someone trying to break into my door the other night, which has pretty much freaked me the F*** out, and has me reading stuff on Google like this article to see if I should invest in some super-lock to keep myself (and my stuff) safe.

So my business desk…Riptide by Vance Joy plays, and C calls out “Oh my god I love that!!!”

Anyway, my business desk is structured in such a way that keeping accounts and juggling my money becomes a joy rather than a chore.

Everywhere I look there’s something beautiful for my eyes to land on.

Here is an owl C made for me from some vintage fabric and buttons, sitting next to a vintage Chinese cricket cage, a bowl carved from a prehistoric ammonite rock with an iron pyrite and quartz crystal in it, with a couple of tiny acrylic paintings in the background, a gift from Kers. I always wonder who that was who painted the paintings I now own.

033 copy copy

Yann Tiersen – Comptine d`un autre ete – l`apres-midi is playing.

Here are some vintage Steiff animals. They belong to C…a gift from her grandmother. I love having them look over my work.

025 copy copy

Jonathan’s lead soldiers are guarding this castle. Robert’s sister and I have identical castles by pure chance. She in England and I in Vancouver. Pure serendipity.

029 copy copy

A couple vintage Steiff mice are regarding me from the pencil ledge.
Fun. “We Are Young” ft. Janelle Monáe is blasting out of the pc and the Marley speaker.

031 copy copy

The owl and a pussy cat beside a street sign from Prague. My favourite street.

030 copy copy

A beautiful photo of a 3yr old Clover plus a little town called Hedley where I want to live for a time.
Does that make me crazy? Ray Lamontagne – Crazy is playing right now.

037 copy copy

Snails from Prague on the base of this utilitarian light I got at the thrift. I really must think about changing this lamp to something more beautiful…but then the snails tell me they like it just fine.

034 copy copy

A vintage beaded and rusty wire peacock is looking over them from the shade of the paper shelves on the desk.

036 copy copy

A very mellow and beautiful Dex: edIT is playing right now, and we relax to a soft mood.

Selfie in the studio skylight.

006 copy copy

Oh, the doorbell rings. It’s Bryson, and C’s off climbing this evening. The spell is broken. Careless love, Madeleine Peyroux comes up next in the queue.

That’s a wrap guys. 😀

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  • December 3, 2015

    I love how music can turn any task, no matter how mundane, into happiness. Your desk is wicked cool–I adore the steiff mice and your whole collection of vintage loves; I make it a rule to surround myself only with things that mean something to me. On my desk is a vintage head vase full of fountain pens, vintage New England postcards, vintage birds, an owl bank that my daughter gave me. . .
    I hope the next four days, and your transition back to England, go perfectly smooth and wonderful.

  • December 3, 2015

    The toys speak of youth but also to the child in each of us. Love this post!

  • December 3, 2015

    Haven’t heard of much of that music, but I do love Clean Bandit! And I know that Hedley, BC was the inspiration for the name of Canadian band Hedley!

  • December 3, 2015

    A desk brimming with magic and wonder. I love it. 🙂

  • December 5, 2015

    Gorgeous fun post V. How exciting back to the UK in 4 days … Robert and a new kitten. Yay!

  • daryledelstein

    December 7, 2015

    i am comforted that someone else has as many memory dear tschkas as i

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