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Catwoman in Loubutins

So I’m commiting to a challenge.

This is part of Vancouver Draw Down, a fun, quick, discipline. I have a confession to make. Last July I got thru the eight days of the month long challenge and other things took me away. I’m not good with discipline or with deadlines, or with ordered subjects.

Not good. I know.

I’m working on it.

I suppose it’s the tremendous amounts of self motivation and resolve it takes to dedicate myself. And the accompanying feelings of failure at even the smallest unaccomplished goals are so powerful that it takes all my strength to rally back.

One of my favorite inspirational people, artist Robert Genn, recently wrote about post traumatic growth. I love reading his blog, The Painter’s Keys. He makes a lot of sense.

I’ve had past struggles…who hasn’t. So I can totally relate to the positive change in my work as a result of the past.

Just now Genn suggested I follow superhero life lessons.
So here we go:

1. We all have alter egos (mine is super artist/writer/photographer all round perfect creator.)

2. We need to wear the costumes of our heroes (so…mine happens to be cat woman in Loubutins. Hey…my fantasy)

3. Being different can give us power (yeah…that’s a tough one. What hasn’t been done before? There are just only so many good ideas out there.)

4. Adversity can be overcome (YES it can. Proof is everywhere I look.)

5. No matter what our abilities, life is frustrating (Yup)

6. To overcome our fears, we need to run toward danger (That’s the tough part)

So here I go. I’m taking a big chance and if I don’t produce 31 drawings in the next 31 days then I’ll FAIL and it’s gonna sting. (But then…see point 4)
There’s one more point
7. Every superhero has a mission.
Right now, mine is to produce 30 more drawings.

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