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Christmas at Blenheim

We drove off to Blenheim, like we do most British Christmas years, to see the opulence and festivities at our palace next door.
Most years Blenheim is decked to the nines and is so over the top festive that it takes our breath away.
I was really pleased that we took the time this year again, however, Blenheim has done something new. Instead of Christmas opulence, Blenheim was featuring a solo exhibition by an artist named Jenny Holzer, whose message is an opposition to war. Therefore, large abstracts featured prominently, and, instead of tables decked in finery and cupboards full of exquisite china and crystal, there were human remains and bones on those tables and in those cupboards. Not really my cup of tea. But parts of the palace were still festive and that’s what I’d like to show you.

The entrance to the palace had the usual Christmas trees, and the busts were crowned with beautiful ivy or holly crowns.

Actually, every room had a Christmas tree.

Each Christmas tree had a theme. Some were turquoise and full of peacocks and some, like this one, had these exquisite golden crowns. Also, most of the fires were lit. This is the first time that we can remember seeing the fires lit including both in the great dining room.

My favourite room, the great library, had several beautiful Christmas trees.

And this is where a more intimate table was set in front of the fire.

Look how beautiful each place setting is. We loved the addition of the jewels on each Christmas cracker.

We had some lunch, and after lunch, we had a peek into the gift shop. Actually, it may have been more than a peek; it may have been a proper mooch thru, but you can only exit the palace grounds thru the gift shop, so then again…

I have to show you this display. It’s a life-sized father Christmas and reindeer made from dried plant material.
I thought it was fantastic.

Here’s a closeup on father Christmas so you can see the dried peppers and pinecones.

And here’s a closeup of the reindeer body. It all smelled amazing!

So we bought our usual: butter fudge for me and tablet (a fudge-like sweet) for R, and I also bought this sweet little card. It’s by artist Lucy Loveheart and I love her whimsical style. At the moment it’s making me feel happy as I sketch the mistletoe I gathered the other day.

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  • December 22, 2017

    What a beautiful visit! This would be a great post for the folks who celebrate British Isles Friday, if you want to add a link:

  • December 22, 2017

    Oh pshaw, MY place looks like that too! (If only, LOL!)

  • Susan

    December 22, 2017

    Trees decorated to perfection, so beautiful! The formal dining room is really lovely, the perfect setting for the holiday dinner. Father Christmas and his deer sculpted from dried fruit and pine cones is amazing. Truly a work of art. The gift shop looks fabulous. Sounds like you had an outstanding day! A perfect build-up to the 25th. All the best, Susan

  • December 31, 2017

    Wow I just love that Father Christmas and reindeer .. what a work of art! 😀 The palace looks amazing with the Christmas decorations .. and those trees are super! Hugs

  • January 3, 2018

    oh wow .. i bet that entire castle smells de-vine

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