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Drawing Challenge: Leap

Hi everyone,
Welcome to this week’s drawing challenge: leap.
Sorry about the slightly later post today; I’ll try to get my act together for future weeks and post early Pacific time if I’m hosting.
You know, I really feel like leaping into art…into everything I don’t really know how to do, and just doing it!

IMG_9402 copy copy

And this week I took up printing a bit more seriously.
I was looking at a lino cut I started about two years ago, and I thought, darn it anyway, I’ma finish it!
My problem with linocuts…especially complicated linocuts…is that I see it in my head, but it doesn’t translate so well to my hand. The result is that I tend to carve away the positive and keep the negative space to print.
I printed a rough black ink on white paper print to see what I got, and the result was pretty dismal for all that work!

Have to flip my brain around.

IMG_9411 copy copy

And carving took about five hours!
It’s hard for me to believe I blew it with this one.
But all is not lost.
I thought that, if I carved away the positive, I should just print a negative of it. A white ink on a black background! So I went down to see my good friends at my favourite art supply store, Opus Art, and got some great advice about printable black papers.
And then, this afternoon I was at Art Mania where Chloe works, and while Chloe was printing up some of her student’s projects…

IMG_9410 copy copy

…I mixed up some inks.
I have a very limited amount of inks and I don’t like any of the colours by themselves. But I do like mixing the colours to see what I get.

IMG_9412 copy copy

Look at that! Isn’t that magic?

IMG_9409 copy copy

Soon this block turned into five nice prints.


While Chloe was writing instructions to tomorrow’s crew, I literally watched paint dry!

IMG_9424 copy copy

And, later this evening at home, these are the best three out of the five.

008 copy copy

So come on and leap into the deep end of the ocean of art. Try something, persevere, master it after the first thousand tries…lol…kidding, but only just. It doesn’t have to be brilliant, it just has to make you happy. šŸ˜€

Come join in and take the leap this leap year. šŸ˜€
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Comments: 7

  • March 4, 2016

    this is a huge piece to carve
    i can see why it took so long
    perhaps you are not happy with it
    but i think it turned out beautiful
    thank you for hosting us!

  • March 5, 2016

    I do think you’ve got a fine result. I love the blue and brown here and especially together. What about framing four of them in different colors in one frame? (Well, I love grids:)
    Veronica thanks for hosting, – eric

  • March 6, 2016

    Right, dear Veronica,
    one need a leap of the brain to change negative to positive. Could be even a spirituell performance, you know?
    Your prints are beautiful and function as well as solitary and together very fine.
    Thank you for hosting this art challenge!
    Wish you a nice start into the new week,
    love, Ariane. Rose

  • March 6, 2016

    lino cutting remains a fickle thing for me too. the few times i got myself seriously to it, i faced that brain not translating positive to negative quite as easily as i’d hoped. in fact i put away the blocks for a (long) while, also because other disciplines call and are perhaps a little more pressing. i promise myself a linocutting session in summertime.
    anyway, your attempt of lino cutting of five hours does ring a bell on how time and labour consuming this designing is, and your results do encourage! what a leap indeed. did you press these with a barren / spoon, or DO YOU HAVE A PRESS???? thxs! n

  • March 7, 2016

    lino and wood cut was something i really enjoyed in school .. that turned out well

  • March 7, 2016

    Oh I couldn’t imagine having such dedication. Such fun V. My garden has much of my time and the office the rest. šŸ˜€ Just enough time to grab my camera and blog. I still want to buy one of your paintings … you haven’t forgotten have you šŸ˜€

  • March 8, 2016

    i LOVE the lino, cut and print
    and think it was a good idea to print with light ink on black paper
    sorry i couldn’t join….

    wish you a FINE WEEK!

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