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Earth day 2016

Oh what an Earth Day this was.

It’s miserable and dreary and raining, AND I got stuck at home while Ira the repairman fixed my oven.
But I’m happy to report that everything is well and I can bake once more.

It’s my usual habit to draw or paint a little something each year in celebration of Earth Day, and late this afternoon, when I finally had some time to do something about this, I kept thinking of those beautiful days out on the ocean, and about the cormorant who kept me company.

I looked into the waves in my photos and saw that cormorant in the reflections in the stylised Haida art which I love.


So I painted that cormorant, and I painted her reflection.

008 copy copy

What do you think Zola?

015 copy copy

She likes it. 😀

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  • April 23, 2016

    Gorgeous! And yes, I see it in the water’s reflection too — so neat!

  • April 23, 2016

    i think i slept through Earth Day .. but i am glad i am awake now enough to enjoy your celebration of it

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