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I really have to pick up the camera more. I’ve been really lazy these days and not working on art and artistic things…as evidenced by the hopeless lack of posts.

But work in the garden for the Art in the Garden weekend is continuing. I’ve planted a sedum collection in a pot and I have dreams of a living wreath or living wall…but it’ll take time because all these sedums have been stolen divided and shared and have come from family and friends.

IMG_6380 copy

Clover is using this amazing product called Sculpey baking clay to make a weird and wild taxonomy of fairies for a Cabinet of Curiosity display for her art history of museums course. Here, with Morgan inspecting, (as usual), she’s just placing her fairies into the shadow box she’ll use for the project. That clay was super fun for her to work with and there’s a little left over. I think I might have a go.

IMG_6415 copy copy

I’ve been putting in a bit of time in the new jewellery studio. It’s working really well on the bench in the sun. The only slight drawback is that I can’t see the flame of my torch in the sunlight.

IMG_6439 copy copy

And, as with almost any new art discipline almost anyone takes up, it’s going to be hours and hours of solid practice before I get good at it.

Chloe turned 22 this week and I was determined to make her a special birthday ring. So, after about three tries, (all of which ended up in the scrap silver for lost wax molding jar), I finally succeeded!

I made her a ring with a piece of beach glass she found in Mexico.

IMG_6403 copy copy

She loves it. 😀 I’m so happy.

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Hello from Sunday night
Hello from Sunday night


  1. The ring is beautiful! Of course she’d love it! :)

  2. Sedum pots are beautiful, but it takes a long time to completely overgrown – I might still give a lot of Sedum! I have planted here the cracks between stones and concrete with it, maybe next Random5friday I will show …
    Oh, you piece of glass edged, this is really good craftsmanship (I myself could never!) and a lovely ring.
    Have a nice time and good luck in the garden :-)

    • Veronica says:

      That would be great Mascha; I’d love to see your sedums. I have a few in the cement cracks too. Such grateful little plants, aren’t they? 😀

  3. Your sedum pot is like a lovely plant quilt! C’s ring is gorgeous! What a special thing to do. You are so thoughtful
    :-) And please, do not call yourself lazy–so far from the truth, it could be in another country…xo

    • Veronica says:

      I’m hoping for a quilt like planting Sara! 😀 Aw, thank you for that, just what I needed to read. Big hugs. X

  4. Oh that Sedum garden is so lovely.
    The ring you made is very pretty, such a lovely shade of glass.
    The clay sculptures are quite different. The two headed one caught my eye right away.

    • Veronica says:

      The two headed one is a riot, and, after all, fairies can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes…lol. :)

  5. daryledelstein says:

    wish her happy birthday and tell her i said to wear her new ring in happiness and good health xo

  6. What a wonderful birthday present for Chloe. Lovely little sedum garden and Morgan is too cute!

  7. The ring is perfection in every way… xox

  8. Fantastic sculptures and what a gorgeous and special ring !!
    I love sedum I have a small pot of hens and chicks I will be nurturing to full bloom this season! they did me proud last year.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Veronica says:

      Thanks so much Dawn; I love hens and chicks too and grow some in the garden. I’ve just got some with spider web-like webs on top. So cool. 😀

  9. I wouldn’t mind receiving that ring myself. It’s very pretty. Good job.

  10. what a beautiful and special ring! happy birthday to her! and how funny that we both talked about fairies! clover’s turned out great! she’s very talented!

    • Veronica says:

      Thank you Tanya, fairies are so much fun to bring into existence, aren’t they? Clover really loved working with that Sculpey clay.

  11. Love the ring. You did a great job. I also love the planter garden. Your gardening photos are always wonderful. Glad you and Chloe and you made it back safely from your Mexico vacation.

  12. That is a beautiful ring and only three tries that is amazing.

  13. that is a wonderful ring!

    • Veronica says:

      Thank you so much Tammie; I’m having fun learning and really love working with the silver and the heat and jewels.

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