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A full day of teaching journal / sketchbook making courses at Opus

Last Sunday I had the best fun.
Opus Art Supplies invited me back to the store to teach my journal making techniques in two back to back courses.

I had two sets of ten students and we had the best fun.
The staff at Opus are the absolute best. Every bit of the supplies I asked for I got.

I brought about 35 old books with me, some inspirational books, ephemera, and ribbons for books marks, and the Opus staff gave us everything else we needed.

We had huge and luscious tubs of acrylic, mat medium, brushes, inks, white gesso, pencils and pens, tracing paper gel pens and stabilo pencils.

It’s just amazing, and, I suppose a little expected when you teach in an art supply store, but amazing nonetheless to have all these supplies to play with!

And I think everybody had a great time.

At two hours per session the time just flew by, and my students created some beautiful pages.

Even the practices on the tracing paper were works of art!

Some people loved it so much they took their palettes home with them so they could continue for another hour or more.

And some people took advantage of the 10% off art supplies offer for attending my course and browsed the store for ages trying to limit their choices…lol…I know how that feels.

More pages:

Everyone has such individual style! I love it.

Some people mix and apply the paint cautiously, in minute meticulous strokes and small brushes.

And some people use large brushes and swirl the paint around.

To me, it’s always inspirational to see what’s happening on the palette.

Before I knew it, 6 hours flew by.

And the last thing people did was get some ribbon to create a book mark for their journal.

And then it was time to go and everyone asked me when and where am I teaching next?
I’ll be happy to do this again in the fall when I come back from Europe.
(If Opus will have me?)
Thanks so much guys at Opus and thank you so much to all my new friends for coming to make a journal/sketchbook with me.

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  • May 5, 2017

    Wow!!! Looks awesome!!
    I would definitely come to your class, if we weren’t on total opposite ends of this great country of ours- 🙂

  • Susan

    May 5, 2017

    I suspect you are a natural when it comes to teaching a course. Looks like everyone enjoyed being is this creative space. Especially nice that you, the teacher, enjoyed the class as much as the participants. This art supply store lucked out when you joined them to provide a class. Win-win! Enjoy.

  • May 11, 2017

    a whole new career!!! tho i think its too much fun to think of it as work …

  • May 18, 2017

    such lucky students! And they are so clever! What fun V .. and so many different styles 😀

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