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Getting leafy with it

It was a Murphy morning round here!

C wrote a 1500 word philosophical argument claiming that global skepticism could not be rejected using the arguments of Kant and Berkeley as they relate to the movie The Truman Show. I know, I got tired just proof reading it. Anyway, the paper had to be handed in at 8:30am including an online identical copy posted by the same time.

This morning the paper was gone. Just gone from her Mac. (It must be there somewhere because she saves religiously)

Thank goodness she sent the abstract and the paper for me to proof read and was saved uncited, and, as we just couldn’t find it in her files, she cited the paper and rewrote the reference page in ten minutes and sent it to print.

The internet went dead! 🙁

I trouble shot the line and sorted it out…then…the printer ran out of paper!

End result, panic morning, hurried drive to the uni, and after her class we were so ready to go for a nice long walk.


We walked at the beach, in the fog, while the weak sunshine was trying to burn thru. I collected a handful of leaves and berries just to have around today because the colours were so beautiful.

IMG_4011 copy copy

Then, this afternoon, I found an hour to get lost up in the studio and really felt like painting some of the leaves. I only had an hour so acrylics and charcoals were the fastest mediums to work with.

I managed to paint two note papers and put them in the living room on the table beside C, and spread the real leaves around. Then I photographed them. C watched me doing this and when I was finished I said, “what do you think?” C said, “beautiful leaves mom.” I said, “thank you” and picked up the little paintings. C said, “No Way! I thought those were the real leaves!!!”


Lol, most gratifying. 🙂 The mantle is looking a little more autumnal today. 🙂

007 copy copy

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  • Amar Naik

    October 17, 2013

    beautiful colors of nature 🙂 painting match the natural color

  • October 17, 2013

    Interesting how the universe intervenes. Sometimes you really do need to stop and smell the flowers.. Or gather the leaves n’ berries or walk that beautiful beach.. 😉
    Found you on UBC on FB.
    Great post. Beautiful photos and I’m happy you had these moments to share and enjoy.. So much more rewarding than a philosophical argument. 😉

  • debsimorte

    October 17, 2013

    Oh,what I would give to walk the beach these fall mornings. What beautiful finds, and I also thought your paintings were the found leaves. Lovely. Just lovely.

  • October 18, 2013

    Lush! Vibrant! Gorgeous!! So sorry for C’s paper chase, it gave me a stomachache just reading about it. Glad everything sorted itself and had a lovely leafy happy ending 🙂

  • October 18, 2013

    That is fantastic! I couldn’t tell the real from painted leaves either! Great job, V!

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