Hello from Sunday night


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They say that if you see the green flash just at the moment of sunset, you cannot be deceived in matters of the heart. So I’ve watched each sunset here, photographing the last moment, till the last evening of our vacation, when conditions were just right for me to be able to bring it to you.

So now, with digital photography, we can all see the green flash and all understand and be true judges of character, and possibly live happily ever after.

(I knew I was good for something…lol.) 😀

So get ready, because it’s going…

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gone. 😀

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Hello from Sunday night
Our last full day of vacation


  1. Beautiful! I miss the gorgeous sunsets we experienced in Florida.

  2. daryledelstein says:

    i never heard that before but its a charming thought … sunsets are always lovely but in my opinion sunsets at the beach are the bestest

  3. Oh my! These photos are simply GORGEOUS!

  4. Sigh…..these are just super amazing and beautiful.

  5. Gorgeous gorgeous photos!

  6. Admiring and enjoying your pics from cold and snowy Winnipeg!

  7. Love these sunset pictures! I especially like your first shot, C’s profile against the glimmer of sun. It evokes a feeling of both mystery and charm.

  8. I enjoyed watching the sunset with you! Hope you are well and have a nice weekend! Hugs!

  9. Lovely sunsets!

    Hey, seeing them I want to go to the beach asap. 😉

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