Hot chocolate for this Tuesday

I had this vision of gathering some branches and hanging some origami shapes from them and placing them on the mantle, so I invited C to make some origami with me. The only trouble is I wanted to use some old music sheets for this, but boy is that paper tough to fold.

We decided to try for some simple rabbits.

Epic fail bunnies…lol! :D :D

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We decided that what we needed was some hot chocolate.

Now there is a Barista in my kitchen, a wonderful gift years ago from my children, and that Barista rarely gets used as I really don’t drink coffee. But it’s a dynamite way to steam milk! So I took it apart and cleaned out the dust, the dead moth and the spider’s web, filled the chamber with fresh water and steamed up some lovely hot chocolate; Sbux peppermint hot chocolate for C and Maxim’s for me.

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We poured our hot chocolate into my French Cafe au Lait bowls. These poor bowls don’t get much service since I bought them in Paris years ago, and it’s lovely to get them out once in a while.

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I threw a small handwoven cloth on the ground and we reevaluated our bunnies.

hot chocolate

Chloe ran to the studio and brought down some real origami paper and folded the sweetest little fox! See? Everything’s better with chocolate!

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Next she used the epic fail bunny note paper and folded a larger fox. (And look who found a lap)

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Maybe my vision of lovely origami shapes hanging from branches might come true…stay tuned. :)

Sharing with Terri and Martha and Sandi and Bernideen,  and wishing all my American friends a happy Thanksgiving. :)

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  1. Ah, how fun…I tried origami a while back and it is much more difficult for me than I thought it would be. Perhaps I just needed some awesome hot chocolate and a kitty in my lap!

  2. Oh, that hot chocolate looks divine! :)

  3. Hello Veronica,
    Lovely time with your daughter, failed origami attempts or not. I have tried it too, with some results with repeated effort. The fox looks pretty good to me. The hot chocolate sounds very yummy! I could use some hot chocolate inspiration right about now too : )

  4. There is that cute daughter again – a perfect model for your posts! Darling!

  5. A cozy day with someone special, creating whatever you desire, oh my favorite kind of day. Obviously your cat loves days like this too, well, probably any day there is a friendly lap is a good day for kitty..

  6. wonderful .. i am sure your mantle will abound with charming origami critters

  7. I love your bowls! and your Tibetan singing bowl as well~lovely
    Hot chocolate is a great mood changer, that is for sure and how marvelous to have such a great Barista in your kitchen, whether it gets a lot of use or not.
    That fox is great!! I drew a little fox in my sketch journal yesterday. Man, we are on a roll here, lol
    As a side note, I haven’t seen a phone with a rotary dial in forever!!
    Thanks for the Thanksgiving day wishes, I hope you have a great rest of the week

    • Thanks Dawn. At the moment the Bakelite phones are unplugged because I need a break from the loud rings…lol, but I love to use them. You should have seen C when I told her to make a call using them, she literately didn’t know where to start. I’m after painting another fox myself today. :) Love your little fox.

  8. Delightful moment with chocolate, paper craft and great company. :)

    • Hi Paula, it was a lovely interlude but too short as C had to go write term papers and I had to get some work done. :(

      • My son is studying for his Uni entry exam. he´d be happy to have an interlude right now. ;) I don´t think he´d take up origami but we can find something else. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. What a fun time! Hot chocolate, origami and a sweet kitty who is supervising! ;) Love this post.

  10. Hi Veronica,
    Those cups are so lovely and perfect for your hot chocolate. I love seeing photos of your dear daughter. I must take some of my daughter having tea with me. The origami is very difficult to do but you did a perfect job and I love it with music paper. Thank you for visiting me and have a wonderful week! Karen

  11. Hello Veronica,
    Your hot chocolate looks delicious in those cute Parisian bowls! Sounds like another lovely mom & daughter time. Wonderful job with the origami. Thank you for sharing at Tea Time and have a marvelous day.


  12. What a great idea to fold origami critters for the mantle! I’ll have to drag out my origami paper and fold a few. :)

    • I hope you do try some. It’s almost meditating to sit there folding. Origami paper is definitely easier to fold than note paper…lol. :)

  13. I love hot chocolate and polka dot foxes!! So cute :-) Thank you for the happy wishes–we’ll be stuffing a turkey and ourselves tomorrow ;-)

    • Hi Sara, hope you had loads of turkey and fixings. Sometimes I wish I was American. You all seem to do holidays so beautifully. :)

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