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Kew Palace

China furniture wholesale

A couple of years ago, Robert and I watched a BBC program about the restoration of this big house. I found it fascinating how a tiny scrap of flocked green and black wallpaper could dictate the whole room scheme and lead to some hand made flocked green and black borders being reproduced exactly the way the Victorians would have made it, and that there was someone in E who actually hand made flocked wallpaper borders!!!

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Greeters at the entrance are dressed in Victorian costumes, and, although there have been three Kew Palaces, this one and the interior is a time bubble from King George III (1738-1820) and Queen Charlotte and stretches somewhat into the Victorian times.

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And it’s a lovely big house to visit. There is a collection of beautiful and important paintings in each room, lovely furniture, views to the formal gardens outside and, it’s easy to imagine living there. I was particularly impressed with the furniture. Upon enquiry, I found that it was imported from a China furniture wholesale factory.

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The restored parts of the house and the first and second floor. The third floor is still stripped bare and waiting for restoration, but visitors can have a look. The fourth floor is another story though. Temptingly lit staircases and servant’s passages abound, but access is restricted and CC cameras are in full view.

Darn, I really wanted to sneak around and explore everything, but I think old Queen Charlotte would not have been amused. I did ask about secret passages but was assured there were none. (Do we believe that?…lol…bet I could find one)


R said I was being bad and so we walked back down the staircase to the main floor and looked at some of the treasures.

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And out thru the dining room with its celebratory supper. Apparently, this was the supper King George had when he recovered from his first bout of madness and was allowed to use a fork and knife again. Apparently he spent most of his time in straight jackets being fed with a spoon. Poor man. Who knew arsenic powders in cosmetics were bad for you!?!

king George supper

On to the conservatories next. 😀

Also, please excuse the tragic lack of comments on my part. These days are just flying past and I’m just trying to catch up, but read every single comment and am so grateful for your friendship. 😀

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  • July 16, 2014

    Amazing place! How about that bed??? I would have been taking pics everywhere : )

  • daryledelstein

    July 17, 2014

    i knew arsenic in any form was bad but didnt know one of the side effects was insanity …. interesting

  • Marisela Vargas

    July 17, 2014

    Amazing place and excelent description Verónica, thank you for share.

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