Our last full day of vacation

Another perfectly wonderful day in paradise.

The day dawned bright and sunny and warm.

074 copy

We splashed around with the aqua-cise group..

102 copy

…and did a little bird watching.

083 copy

We did a little painting…

115 copy copy

…and took a taxi into town.

Where we walked up and down all the streets,


Noticed all the people,


Looked at all the buildings…inside and out,


Saw some probably once in a lifetime things…like prom queens getting into the bed of a pickup truck 😀


Made some new friends,


And came back to the resort for a Caribbean fiesta party.

IMG_2646 copy

One more sleep, one more fabulous day, and tomorrow evening we fly home.

IMG_2688 copy

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  1. okay! these pictures can go straight into a catalogue! wowsers! n?

  2. daryledelstein says:

    it was certainly a lovely get-away .. thanks for taking us along x

  3. Anna Streater-McAllister says:

    Wow Veronica!
    Thank you for taking me on your holiday! How beautiful of a time you and your Clover seemed to have had! You all are such beauties, inside and out! Again, thank you for the holiday through word and picture!

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