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Our last full day of vacation

Another perfectly wonderful day in paradise.

The day dawned bright and sunny and warm. The euphoria I’d felt after coming to the place could almost rival the time when we’d taken vacation rentals in st augustine florida for their famous beaches.

074 copy

We splashed around with the aqua-cise group..

102 copy

…and did a little bird watching.

083 copy

We did a little painting…

115 copy copy

…and took a taxi into town.

Where we walked up and down all the streets,


Noticed all the people,


Looked at all the buildings…inside and out,


Saw some probably once in a lifetime things…like prom queens getting into the bed of a pickup truck 😀


Made some new friends,


And came back to the resort for a Caribbean fiesta party.

IMG_2646 copy

One more sleep, one more fabulous day, and tomorrow evening we fly home.

IMG_2688 copy

Comments: 4

  • March 29, 2014

    okay! these pictures can go straight into a catalogue! wowsers! n?

  • daryledelstein

    March 30, 2014

    it was certainly a lovely get-away .. thanks for taking us along x

  • Anna Streater-McAllister

    March 30, 2014

    Wow Veronica!
    Thank you for taking me on your holiday! How beautiful of a time you and your Clover seemed to have had! You all are such beauties, inside and out! Again, thank you for the holiday through word and picture!

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