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Last Sunday

Hi, hi there.

So here I go again with zero blog posts for a week and half.
All my best plans have been sidelined because a nasty migraine has been hanging around for several days. Ugh. I keep thinking that I’m a bit too old for migraines! Isn’t one suppose to grow out of them eventually…you know, when hormones begin to calm down? Maybe I’m not eating enough bananas or something migraine regulatory.

Oh, I shouldn’t have started this post on such a negative note, because after all, I meant to be writing a series on wellness and what that means to me.

And now I’m waffling.

Tell you what. I’ll show you my amazing Sunday last weekend and then get into wellness tomorrow. OK? Not that this last weekend wasn’t part of well living and well being.

Sorry, waffling again.

So last weekend I took a few days and visit my daughter and her family, and on our Sunday we decided to have a picnic and a hike on their beautiful land.


Kerstie and Adam bought 20 acres of forest and slope overlooking one of the loveliest lakes in British Columbia, Lake Okanagan. They are in the middle of wine and orchard lands, and, although the lake looks a distance, it’s completely possible to walk to it from their property.


At the moment there is no house on their land, unless you count this beautiful little play house, but progress is being made. They have had a road cut and an area flattened and will soon be able to have some temporary housing here while they build their forever home.


We got here around lunch time, had our lunch,


had a little time to play,


and set off up hill.




I was so proud of our girls. All three marched straight up the whole 20 acres with very little complaining… albeit the little zigglet had to be carried up and down some of the very steep bits, and there was plenty of water and a chocolate treat at the top.


And then we took a little time at the top of the land to look around and have a rest.




And then we marched back down.



Comments: 4

  • October 6, 2016

    How spectacularly beautiful! Love the chubby little hand holding a Smartie in the corner of that one photo, LOL!

    I hope you feel better soon. Migraine begone!

  • October 6, 2016

    Hope the migraines goes away! Thanks for posting great pics–love the cute little play house!

  • October 7, 2016

    Oh I just love these images V .. So special. It must have been a beautiful day with your family. And that property looks spectacular .. And those views! Wow

  • Kers

    October 11, 2016

    That was such a great day!

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