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Blenheim Palace

Lunch at the palace next door: Blenheim Palace and a video

Hello everybody,
this morning FB gave me one of those memories from __ suggestions, and it was from Blenheim seven years ago.

Blenheim Palace

It’s been more like 13 years of me being a pass holder, of me casually parking up, flashing my membership card and enjoying the palace and grounds.

Outdoor cafe at Blenheim Palace

There must be so many posts from Blenheim in my blog; whether it’s a Blenheim palace post, a vintage car show post,
Gardens at Blenheim Palace or just memories, Blenheim is a big part of our lives here.

Veronica Roth photography

Not only is the palace spectacular, but the park and grounds, designed by Lancelot Capability Brown, are so beautiful to walk in at any time of the year.

Blenheim door

Over the years, and I suppose inevitably, photography has been permitted in the palace.

Looking of the window at Blenheim Palace

Also, areas of the palace have been made inaccessible…like the books in the library. Too many small and dirty hands we were told. But the history remains there for all to see.

Bust at Blenheim Palace

One of my most favourite pieces of the history jigsaw puzzle, is the story of Betty Ridge, a fisherman’s daughter, who lived right here on the Thames in our village of Northmoor, and married William Flower, 2nd Viscount Ashbrook in 1766, whose granddaughter eventually became Duchess of Marlborough. From the banks of the Thames to Blenheim Palace in 80 years. What a love story! My village friend, historian Julie Godson, discovered the link and wrote a most charming book: available here.

Blenheim below stairs collection

Old traditions carry on in the 21C in the little Blenheim gift shop, with modern versions of Victorian traditions in everything from kitchen ware to clothing.

Blenheim below stairs collection

My most favourite though has got to be the below stairs collection of updated traditional palace kitchen items.
I love to have a good mooch around.

Here is a silly little video of us at Blenheim. I love it when I can take you with me, and these videos are so much fun for me to make. If you like it, would you consider giving it a thumbs-up?

Thank you for coming with me. I don;t think I say it enough, but I treasure each and every time you stop by.

Blenheim Palace

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  • August 25, 2016

    Oh Veronica I love your posts about Blenheim so much… Memories of me and mom there… Thank you for posting… 🙂

  • August 26, 2016

    Thumbs up given!

  • August 26, 2016

    I discovered you through Dewena’s blog and I’m so glad I did Veronica.
    since childhood I’ve been an anglophile. I love everything about England.
    and though I know it’s the UK now… there is something about the name
    it’s magical! and you get to live there! and you share it so beautifully!
    because of your wonderful videos it’s like I’m walking right beside you.
    I have enjoyed going through ALL the archives.
    THANK YOU Veronica for taking the time to share these beautiful places and experiences with us.
    I may not always comment but you can be sure I’m relishing every single post from now on!
    and … your artwork is simply enchanting. I love it on the vintage maps and papers.
    there is a depth to it then and the richness that history brings. beautiful!

  • Hildie

    August 26, 2016

    thank you. Lovely video.

  • August 27, 2016

    Hey V .. You are so good with your videos. I must login and give you a thumbs up. Love that dining table, imagine the wonderful dinners enjoyed there. Make sure you enjoy your time off ?

  • September 1, 2016

    oh fun .. today is my catch up blog reading day because its the day before labor day weekend and there’s no one here at the office but me!!!!

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