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Making the most of our one sunny day in the week

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Oh boy, when the sun shines here in November, there’s no messing around. You better get out in it because it may be the last sun you’ll see for weeks. And buckets of rain is exactly what is being threatened for the rest of this week. (The forecast may be gloomy, but have no fear, the weathermen lie like a rug!)

Happily, a 9am appointment took Clover and me out of the house and across town. Appointment finished by 11am and we stopped for an early lunch at my most favourite cafe in all of Vancouver. Cafe Calabria.

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C and I split the Frank’s special panini, sat for a while in the sunshine, chatted with Frank, saved a coconut macaroon for later, and drove back home where we both got on with work.

me and cafe
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C left to teach a class and before I headed up to the studio, I moved my bougainvillea into the middle of the living room, into the bright sunshine.


I’ve never grown a bougainvillea before, and, while I know it’s not ideal, I’m going to try to keep it alive over the winter inside the house.

017 copy copy

Of course, the minute anything is changed round here, Morgan has to come investigate. Look at that face! I’m afraid I had to wiggle her string for her round the piano chair for a few minutes.

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And then I finally went into the studio to do some work but also to have some fun. The fun part was the beginning of this little oil on a sheet of oil painting paper. I’m working out a few ideas for this weekend’s drawing challenge – deer is the theme. If you’d like to get in on this weekend’s drawing challenge then pop round to Tammie’s and tell her.

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Comments: 4

  • November 11, 2015

    The final photo of Morgan behind the piano stool is so arresting — that single greeny-gold eye!

  • November 14, 2015

    That lunch looks so yummy! Wionderful images V .. Morgan is so photogenic. Give her a big pat from me ?

  • daryledelstein

    November 16, 2015

    such lovely light, a yummy looking sandwich, i will pass on the macaroon, i am not fond of coconut …

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