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It’s amazing how much I can get done if I’m just around to get those things done! Today work was put aside because of the weather.

Well, I say weather, but actually, the coming weather is the worry. It’s supposed to be lovely and sunny but the temperature is supposed to drop below freezing. I know…in Vancouver? It won’t last of course, but there were these 40 tulips and at least 20 daffodils left over form the massive early October planting, (I’m a sucker for saving the Wal-Mart plants…can’t help myself), and they were whispering, “plant us, plant us” each time I walked past them.

So C and I had a little Sbux morning treat and got to work.

Do you see that snout beside C? It belongs to a young malamute of such beautiful proportions that he was impossible to photograph. (actually he was too jumpy and young) But such a beauty. And, his owner, on hearing that we have only ever had malamutes, told C to go check out the Alaska Malamute Rescue Society web site. Oh god…she already stalks the SPCA web site! Thanks a lot lady! I said that we really weren’t in a position to have a dog, that we travel too much and it’ll take a couple more years for life to settle down. And Chloe volunteered that we have the two cats…and she said, “it’s ok, we have two kittens too, they all get along just fine.” (groan)


So guess what C did over lunch…thank goodness there weren’t any young puppy-type malamutes on that web site!

But the garden (and those bulbs) kept calling, and C didn’t feel like studying on this lovely afternoon, so we went outside and raked up leaves, dug in bulbs, dug up weeds and snipped the grape vines.


Last year I made that fantastic wreath from some willow branches from the willow in our village in England, and I was looking at the long and lovely grape vines and thinking, “hmm, how hard can it be?” and before you knew it, C and I wove five wreaths.


Since the willow wreath is in my bedroom, C decided to make a wreath for her bedroom too, and the others we hung on the little “Wrong Place” Katsura, (thanks previous owners)

wreaths 2

We came in about 5pm and I put a chicken to roast into the oven and build a fire in the fireplace.


Oh, one more bit of good news…well, relatively speaking…the Louds (not their real name) next door have moved away!!! I went out to the back lane to bring the trash bins in and they were just packing the rest of the garage up and said they gave possession to the new owners today. So I said good bye and good luck and, (hopefully they don’t read this blog) did a happy little jig back in the privacy of my garden…behind the closed gate. They were ok as neighbours, but ever so loud! Radio always on in the garage and tuned to horrible soft rock, Mrs Loud yelling ad Mr Loud over the lawn mower until he heard…that sort of thing. But now the new owners are a construction crew. (sigh) can’t win ‘em all. But eventually there will be a sparkly new duplex selling at one million plus per side and we’ll have new neighbours.

Leaving you with this last evening image: I finally figure out what to do with the little lamp shade I bought at a posh decorating store in England a few years ago but never found the right lamp for. :)

IMG_4912 copy copy

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  1. Fun post and photos – and yes I had a beautiful Malamute, she was just the sweetest 100 pound friend! Have a great day tomorrow, too!

  2. Enjoyed your post

  3. You have a beautiful home Veronica,.

  4. What a wonderful day you had! Love the lampshade.

    • I love it around that fat candle too. Now I keep turning it around to see all the people. :) Wouldn’t it be great to make some sort of art project with these types of silhouettes?

  5. I love peeking over your fence and in your window–gives me happy Autumn/Winter feelings. That lampshade is so wonderfully fabulous I can barely speak. Love it with a candle! Love your grate around your fire too–Gorgeous!! Snuggle in and have a lovely evening :-)

    • Hi Sara, thank you so much. There are so many figures to discover on that little shade. I think it’s perfect with a fat candle in it. Also, I made that grate from three pieces of stair railing. I love it too. :)

  6. love the repurposing of the shade .. i had this little beaded lamp shade .. the lamp was quite unattractive but it had been gifted to me so i found a spot in a corner to put it … then the lamp died and while Toonman offered to repair it I said no thanks (and phew!) .. took the shade, clipped off the thingamabob that makes it hang on the bulb and turned it into a votive shade! ta da!

    • Hey, that’s a great idea Daryl. I bought a beaded lamp shade for the powder room at West Cottage and Robert hated it to the max. To chicktastic for him. I was thinking of keeping the beaded fringe and sewing it onto a pillow or something. :)

  7. Glad you and your daughter planting those bulbs on such a beautiful day! Pretty pictures!

    • Hi Icy, I’m glad we got those bulbs planted too. It’s a bit of a chore but next spring I’ll be ever so glad they are in. A lot of them went around the blueberry bushes. I never know what to do with the empty ground there. :)

  8. Puppies are a weakness in this family. If I smell one, I want it. So I stay away.
    You wove 5 wreaths! I am impressed and a bit jealous of your willow tree! that is so cool.
    Here is to future peace and quite in the neighborhood. We had neighbors from hell for a while and with the arrival of spring we got new, quiet neighbors. There is peace in our world again. It is something to be thankful for that is for sure.

    • Oh my gosh, I love puppies to pieces, but we must be practical! :( I think the construction company will rent the house out for a few months while they get permits because I saw some people coming to look at it, so we’ll see. :)

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