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Morning, noon and night round here

Hooray, sun!

I love it when the sun shines on these dreary mid-winter days.
My bedroom faces east so I get the first rays of the sun.

I’m also really happy that my sun-loving houseplants get as much sun as they can.

Yesterday I had traded Chloe a drive and company across town to her hair appointment for a couple hours organising the studio, and since we were going X town and since it was such a lovely day, I grabbed a camera.

I drove over town and parked on the meters for a little while. Vancouver parking seems to be at such a premium. Always!
Happily I always adopt the attitude of, “whoever is in my spot was welcome to it while I didn’t need it, and now I need it so they have to move.” And I always seem to come at the right time to get some rock-star parking.

So I dropped C off at Salon 14 and into the expert hands of her lovely stylist Veronica. (I must say that in the year C spent in Japan, her colour and hair grew out so beautifully from Veronica’s last balayage and cut that we were all impressed)…

And I went for a little walk to grab some groceries and have a good look around.

One must stop for me is my favourite gallery Bau-Xi. I dream of being one of their artists. (sigh)
Then groceries and then back for C and a bit of a hanging out chatting while Veronica finished C’s hair.

You know how quickly the sun sets these days. Holy smokes.
We walked out at about 5pm into the night.

Then drove back home, past the gyms and Starbucks…

…across our bridge and home.

Where we found a young raccoon on the back porch looking very hopeful and cute.

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  • January 28, 2017

    Awwww! Look at that little face! Too bad raccoons are such a pest.

  • Susan

    January 28, 2017

    37 degrees and no snow is not bad for January in Massachusetts, yet the dim sun and scattered cloud cover makes for a cold damp feel to the day. The sunlight that comes into your east facing room is lovely. Your jade and palm are thriving so nicely. Sounds like you and C had a nice day together and you accomplished a lot. Love your photos. Also your baby raccoon is adorable in that very nice close-up photo. Will he/she be a regular visitor?

  • February 1, 2017

    How good is rock star parking! Love that expression .. wonderful photos V. Love the night ones. Must be lovely having Chloe home .. how is her hair? 😀

  • February 6, 2017

    awesome post/photos and i finally at long last am able to sit/read/comment .. x

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