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Office space

It’s probably the cold, miserable, rainy in-between days, not quite winter, not yet spring, that makes me want to retreat to the quiet of my office/studio instead of braving the outdoors. Today, my friend Sandra from Raincoast Cottage asked, “Were do you create?” I looked around me and thought, “Here! In the loft of my 1924 Craftsman cottage”

Ok, it might seem like a simple idea to get two massive, heavy 1950’s oak desks inside this space, but what you can’t see is the narrow 1920’s doorways, house corners and stairs which those desks needed to be carried thru. The moving guys shook their heads and laughed at me. My children, however, know much more than any moving guys! My sweet son-in-law A. unscrewed huge rusty bolts and carried the pieces to the loft where he reassembled the desks. Then he said if I ever move again the desks are being sold with the house. C and R moved the old silk carpet to the loft and we all lifted the desks to get the carpet into place. (Yeah, should have moved the carpet first.)

After some considerable time and effort, my creative space looks like this:

I love old desks, these are two of five in the house. (Desks and steamer trunks.) Actually have to stop buying them (both)because I’ve run out of space. But check out this beauty belonging to Lily from Birch + Bird

P.S. Those orchids blossoms are silk, stuck in the soil of a real orchid plant.
P.P.S. I’m a good gardener, but I’m not that good! (But thanks for thinking it)

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  • March 8, 2012

    I really love a well done attic space. It looks great. Love all the art

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