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On this glorious Thanksgiving weekend…no, this isn’t California!

This is so beyond glorious! Where has the real Vancouver gone? I’m not sure I can remember a dryer, sunnier autumn.

On this Thanksgiving weekend I gave thanks to late blooming summer flowers that refuse to quit. The bees are having a bonanza in the annuals. I took a long walk at the beach and sat in the allotment gardens to take all this in. Remembering that it’s almost mid-October…wow!

The grass has gone dormant in August and really helps give that golden fall feeling, but so do the maple trees and the weaker, angled light in the park.

Autumn really is here.

Shhh though, don’t tell us Vancouverites. Let us have one more lazy long weekend walking in the sun, one more play in the sand and one more beach volleyball game before we have to don the parkas and tuques and brave the real Vancouver autumn weather

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  • October 9, 2012

    Beyond glorious is right! Love the light in those photos–you provide such a wonderful visual break in my day–thank you 🙂

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