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Our Christmas Day

Santa came after all!!

So many prezzies.

A whole harbour in a box.

I made pillows for each of the girls with some vintage flannel which belonged to my grandmother and I appliqued their names on them.

Morgan had the best time with the wrapping paper.

By the time breakfast rolled round it was more like brunch.

Smoked salmon eggs Benny and crunchy, roasted potatoes.

We all tucked right in.

After brunch, the girls had a little play time in the living room while we cleaned up and set up their tents in the family room.

And then some of us watched The Incredibles, while some of us napped.

and some of us had tea and snuggled.

and the afternoon ticked on…

And soon Jonathan and Chantal brought our Megababy Asher.

While we put the finishing touched on supper. Here’s Kerstie wrangling with the traditional Czech carp. We made a traditional Czech supper of roast ducks, dumplings and sweetened sauerkraut and the dreaded carp! (This is after my children vetoed turkey!) LOL We all dislike carp but Czech superstition dictates that if you eat some at Christmas time and put a scale in your wallet, you’ll have money for the whole of next year! So dutifully we have a tiny nibble of the carp.

Here we are the day after Christmas and I feel very lucky that I had my 2 oldest children and their beautiful families here for Christmas day. Spending the holidays with them and especially my 4 grandchildren has been very special. While I missed Chloe and Robbie very much, we all Skyped with the Clover and I talked to Robbie for hours. That’s the way with families, isn’t it? I know mine isn’t the only one where everyone can’t always be together. But I loved our Christmas day and my whole Christmas holiday. Tomorrow Kerstie and Adam have to drive back home and I’ll miss them but I have so much to look forward to. A new and exciting year is almost upon us and with it Chloe will return to Canada. How I’ve missed my baby.

I hope you’ve all had a lovely Christmas and a wonderful holiday. Are you looking forward to 2017? I am. It’s almost here. πŸ˜€

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  • December 26, 2016

    an adorable little baby boy at Christmas! and wee girls in a plaid dress!
    and I can’t get over how the girls look so much like YOU!
    it was truly beautiful.
    we were like spring here. 74 degrees. the windows open and shirt sleeves.
    not like winter and Christmas at all! but it was wonderful. a special time of year. xo

  • sue

    December 27, 2016

    so lovely. the pillows are very sweet, and I love the tents. seasons wishes to you and your family

  • December 29, 2016

    I am so glad that I visited you this evening. Thank you for sharing your Christmas. Your photos and family are so lovely. We have our home on the market, so Christmas wasn’t so exciting with everything staged and put away. Hopefully next year will be much better! Happy New Year!

  • December 29, 2016

    Oh yes I’m looking forward to the New Year! I just love these pics .. your grand children are adorable. Wonderful images V. I’m so pleased you had a lovely Chrissy with your family! πŸ˜€

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