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Playing I’m the boss with the cats

My cats!!!
They feel like they’re the boss around here.
This is Milo. He likes to sleep in my bed with me all night and always sleeps cuddled up in the fur blanket. But I like to make my bed in the morning, so we play this budge the cat on the fur blanket game.

It works like this: Budge Mo over to one side, make bed on one side,

budge Mo over to the other side, Mo gets mad and jumps off. Finish making the bed.

After a few minutes Mo jumps back on.

No cats were harmed during the making of the bed, no matter what THAT LOOK means.

I decided to add some furniture to one of my spare bedrooms and so went to raid mom’s basement for a lovely little teak table and an old chair.

Morgan decided to OWN them. Morgan likes to own everything.

I said “Zola, down you go!” She ignored me.

Again the face!

Do any of you have cats? Do they listen? Ha!

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  • January 4, 2017

    Yeah, you’re the boss of those cats alright. You just keep telling yourself that. Hahahahahaha!

  • January 4, 2017

    three and not a one listens … our little girl Annie thinks if she walks(or just sits) along the edge of the table the BIG television is on and partly obscures the picture that will get her .. what? i have no idea but in order to get her to move/get down you need to stand up and look as if you might come over there … saying get down or get off does nothing …

  • January 6, 2017

    Oh my goodness! I know another cat named Milo. Great cat owners think alike!

  • January 6, 2017

    Love these pics .. any pic with a cat is wonderful! No cats hurt while making bed .. lol, our cat Grace does the same! She dives under just as I’m throwing the duvee on? Always makes me laugh .. My cats never ignore me when there is food about! Wonder why 😀

  • January 9, 2017

    Cats never listen. They can hear, but why bother????

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