Playing with something new in the studio

It’s a quiet day at home.
001 copy
Everyone’s busy doing their own thing,
002 copy
and I had enough of photography for the day.
007 copy
So I snuck away into my studio and altered a book.
This is a sweet little children’s book with sturdy pages. It is called Sheila Sinclair’s Quest by Muriel Stapley. I loved the little cameo image on the front cover and decided this would be my quest to play book.
042 copy
I glued every three pages together with a glue stick to make a sturdy “canvas” for holding paint, collage, anything. This left me with 18 paintable surfaces. Not too long, not too short, just right for a quick fun play.
044 copy
The first page evolved into a life-sized petunia blossom from my garden, painted with acrylics and India ink on a backdrop of collages paper.
047 copy
The second pages features a found phrase and is painted with black gesso, India ink, colour pencils and white chalk.
048 copy
For the next pages I’m playing with constructing pop-ups.
Stay tuned for more.

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When you think of France, what do you think of?
First treat from the spring garden...rhubarb crumble


  1. You are so talented and imaginative and creative and just wonderful. Just wanted to let you know in case no one has told you lately. 😉

  2. Felicity says:

    I have been trying to leave comments but without success.
    It happens all the time.

    Lovely post and presentatiion.

    • Veronica says:

      Hi Felicity, that’s so strange. Oh dear. I’ll look into it because I love seeing you here. :)

  3. As usual, your work is beautiful. Looking forward to the pop-ups!

    • Veronica says:

      Thank you Michelle. I’m looking at an old children’s pop-up book trying to figure out the construction. Seems simple enough. :)

  4. I AM SO HAPPY THAT YOU ARE DOING THIS! It brings joy to me.

  5. Hi Veronica, i am glad i am here. Love to see rest of your posts. This is a very good idea. You are incredibly talented Veronica. What else would you do when children grow up and you are left with many old children’s books ? While deleting a lot of spam i found your comment, i sincerely apologise that i did not respond as i stopped blogging a couple of years ago.Glad to know that you are Alicia’s friend ( Alicia M Ballard, Studio Galaria on Facebook ) i am glad that you are still coming up with posts. good to know you Veronica

    • Veronica says:

      Hello M. A. I’m glad you’re here too. It’s too bad you’ve stopped blogging and I hope you start again in the future. I think you have a great deal to offer. Your argument against skin whiteners was very moving and your photographs of the gulls and terns took my breath away. Take care for now. Love to you form me…your new friend. :)

  6. Catherine Llewellyn says:

    just stunning x

  7. Beautiful – I would love to spend a day wandering about one of your imagined worlds.

    • Veronica says:

      Thank you Jeannine. Wish you were closer and we’d build an imaginary world together. Hey, how about I start, send it to you, you do something, send it back, I do something send it to you again and so on. That would be fun! :)

      • That would be fun! I could use some new creative inspiration. I feel like I have tunnel vision. I’d love it if you could share some of your pixie dust with me!

        • Veronica says:

          Ooo, lets work something out. I’ll start a piece and send it to you maybe? In a small journal? Two journals post crossing back and forth, one for you, one for me to keep eventually? Whadaya think? :)

  8. Anita Rivera says:

    Hi Veronica! I love these art journals; what a grand way to spend a day, musing in the beauty of your home. I have you down on my link list that you are participating in the FRANCE link party? It started this morning and your link is LIVE. Please let me know if you are no longer interested in posting…I need to know. Anita

  9. Wow Vernonica!! Those are stunning–looking forward to seeing what else “pops up” 😉

  10. Oh I love the journal! I saw something similar on Jeanne Oliver’s course!

  11. Your art is inspiring. Some day I’ll dig out my water colors and ink and play again. Looking forward to seeing your pop-ups.

  12. I love the idea of sharing a journal with you! Lets do it!

  13. I love your pictures, they are just beautiful! I wish I could draw, but I’m useless so I’ll just have to stick to stitching!

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