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Round here, and a little gardening

Oh boy, I’m really having to THINK to pick up my camera these days. But I’m trying to get my garden in some sort of order to look lovely and welcoming for the Art in the Garden show at the end of May.

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The tulips are on their last hurrah, but haven’t they been spectacular this year? I’m so glad for happenstance. Last fall I had to return over 40 blighted red tulips, but all the nursery had in exchange were white ones, so I had them, and planted them all over the garden. They turned out to be so beautiful. I love white flowers and think old Vita definitely was onto a thing or two. Not long ago I read this article where, back in Australia, there was a similar type of show where judges would visit the gardens of various people and score it on several bases. The winner of the show was from Gold Coast and thanked MyLawnCare gardeners Gold Coast in his speech for helping him out by providing their skilled experts who helped him get such a beautiful garden. I wish I could use their services here too.

Robert has been sending me photos of the tulips I planted last Sept at our garden at West Cottage, and they look so lovely and colourful. I deliberately chose the brightest colours because R loves big bold and bright flowers. I miss my English garden. I hope your tulips are spectacular where ever you are in the spring-time parts of the old globe.

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Chloe has been promoted from art teacher/in charge of social media to art teacher/course writer/social media maven/branding expert/personal assistant/coffer purchaser, and still is pursuing her own interest, like designing a set of graphics for t-shirts for two upcoming music festivals and is pretty busy round the clock. We all miss her company and some of us in the household have taken to sleeping beside her to get in on some C attention.

IMG_4340 copy copy

And I’ve hit the garden with vengeance. Just like last year, I figure and hour or two per day should get me to show garden status in the next month.

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But it’s not all work. Our lovely friend Katie came for a visit and a chat. And we spent a lovely couple of hours catching up. Also, I did a little bit of plant buying. The autumn crocuses and spring bulbs, which are in full force just now, will die down in the next month and leave bare patches, so a few annuals are in order. On this year’s plant list are lovely things such as calendula, bee balm, pinks, nicotiana, asters and rocket snapdragons. I have also taken the time to read the Ryobi review on and have ordered it as it was time for the old rustic lawnmower to go.

garden love

Morgan loves to be in on all the gardening and conversation.

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It’s evening now and the sun is beginning to fade. Rain is forecast and it’s a good thing too, the garden can use it. Chloe is still working and Milo is doing his longest cat in the world impression in a bid to get fed early. My friend Julie asked me about the windows. “How do they stay clean?” she asked. Oh boy, they so don’t, and you should see the nose prints!


All is calm and lovely round here, and, as the sun sets, I’m looking forward to a couple of hours of climbing with the Clover tomorrow.

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Comments: 8

  • April 21, 2015

    Our tulips are just starting to bud now here in Edmonton.

  • April 21, 2015

    Your garden sounds glorious…your cat quite sweet!
    It is really windy here tonight and quite cold so I hope your hike tomorrow has a more favourable forecast.

  • daryledelstein

    April 22, 2015

    i saw/photographed the most gorgeous white tulips at the Cincinnati Zoo this past weekend … among all the pure white was one single tulip with a single slim red ‘stripe’ on one petal …. so charming

  • kmcblackburn

    April 22, 2015

    Oh my, that first shot is exquisite…especially with the bokeh. SIGH!

  • April 22, 2015

    love your photos of your garden. It snowed here today on and off here in Southern Ontario, luckily it didn’t stick!

  • April 22, 2015

    Those bright beautiful tulips are gorgeous. They bring a smile to my face!

  • April 23, 2015

    Rain is such a blessing, after a day of planting and such. It nourishes the new plants, tamps them down, and eases our guilt about staying indoors, relaxing those tired muscles.

    Gorgeous yard. I can easily imagine how lovely everything will look, come time for that show.

  • April 25, 2015

    Lovely post Veronica ..White flowers are just gorgeous. Beatiful pics as always. Your garden will look amazing for the show, how exciting!

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