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A ski resort holiday weekend in three parts

Part one:
Hello there from us over here with jelly legs and arms.
We’ve just returned from a long weekend at the most beautiful resort in my daughter Kerstin’s town.

Chloe and I drove the 300 miles to Kelowna, and, after a rest, all seven of us (Chloe, Kerstie, Adam, our three little girls Ever, Isla and Zoe, and me), drove another 40 miles above lake Okanagan to the Big White ski resort for the weekend.

Up from the sunny, spring lake country, into the snow.

And into the loveliest three bedroom condo, room 313, at The Copper Kettle Lodge.

With a 180 degree view, we couldn’t get Chloe away from the windows!

Not only the view, but also a private balcony with a hot tub. We were all excited about that.

We used funny wheelbarrow type trolleys and got all our overnight suitcases, and our ski and snowboarding kit inside and made up the beds for the children.

And then, because it was a holiday weekend and spring break, and because it was a long day, Kerstie sat the children in one of the bedrooms in front of cartoons and gave them a rare sugar treat.

While Adam sorted out some snacks and supper.

And where was Chloe? Yup, still at the window.

But there were great games and puzzles in the suite, and soon we were building a puzzle of Hawaii.

Then evening came…

…and children’s baths, story and goodnight hugs and bed.

But just as we got them to bed, the fireworks started over the resort and so everyone got up again!

And finally the children went to sleep, Adam went to visit with some friends, and Kerstie, Chloe and I had a lovely puzzle evening which turned into a Karaoke singing evening.

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  • March 28, 2017

    Your pictures of the snowy woods are sublime – especially that evening one.
    I love how in almost every picture of the interior of the cabin one can spy a fluffy toy animal – your girls are clearly very like mine in this aspect, never leave home without a menagerie!

  • March 29, 2017

    Absolutely beautiful and heartwarming ?

  • April 1, 2017

    Oh my such wonderful images V. I just love the one of Chloe gazing out the window. Oh a penny for her thoughts! What a lovely time you all just have had .. so special! 😀

  • April 4, 2017

    oh those little ones keep getting bigger and more adorable ….

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