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So the excuse for eating a huge plate of fish and chips is…

Taking a 5 km walk along the Frazer River to the restaurant and then, walking the 5 km back.
Good plan, don’t you think? Especially on a lovely day like today.

Really wanted to be out in Kayaks too.

Getting closer. I can see the dock in Steveston.

Everyone out enjoying the river, and, since this is a delta, the river is really calm here. Beyond that island is more river, and more islands, and even some mainland, and more river etc…

What a great day to hang the laundry out. Don’t you just love fresh sun-dried linens?

There’s the fish market pier. Fresh daily under those tarps. You can buy almost any pacific fish you want here.

And lots of …um…non-fishy ocean thingies. I’ve no idea where these sea urchins came from but I’ve never seen them diving along the Vancouver mainland coast line. I thought they were really beautiful but couldn’t imagine who would buy them.

Here’s my answer! Look at the plastic bag. Stuffed full of sea urchins.

A bit more mooching round the dock and off for that huge plate of fish and chips. (with ketchup and vinegar…pepper, pepper, pepper salt.)

And the best part? Walked it all off!

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  • Frank Gasch

    May 26, 2012

    Fabulous Veronica!!!

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