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Sunday at the cabin and coming home

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Oh boy, we didn’t want to leave!

Sunday came around way too soon, but still time for one more lazy morning and one more walk around the cabin, then we cleaned up and shut the cabin down and took our time heading back to the city.

We stopped at our nearest lake, Gates, and had one more paddle. This is a small, and warm lake, and the waters are crystal clear for a good depth. It’s also a pretty private lake, because the only public dock is off the main road and really only locals know about it. Nice for us.

Then we stopped in Pemberton, at North Arm Farm, where we picked a bucket full of organic strawberries. We may have eaten a few while we were picking, but I had a laugh at all the children there with their parents who probably ate as many as went into the bucket. That’s the way with strawberries and children and you-pick farms, isn’t it. 😀

Now I’m home in the city looking forward to the next weekend I can spend at the cabin.

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  • June 15, 2015

    Oh yes, I’m sure we call this supping. Strange word for paddling on a board. Here in Holland we’ve a competition in Friesland where the participant is supping from village to village over several lakes. (11 villages). They also do this in winter, when the lakes are frozen, skating. It looks like a great place to be, surrounded by nature and water. That’s always perfect (for me).

  • daryledelstein

    June 16, 2015

    picking berries .. sounds fun, something i haven’t done since so long i cant recall … and thank you for the lovely photos .. makes me feel a bit like a peeping thomasina but in a good way

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