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Sunday whirl…a little late…but there’s this jet-lag thing

Getting back to writing/catching up after an epic week of building the 24 hour zine, organising the Vancouver house and C plus a 10 hour flight x the pond.

Housewives ignorant spurn subtracting months sting eternity rind balls fall drawers year

The housewives sit sipping coffee
They’re subtracting minutes from their eternity
They spurn the sugar for sweet ‘n low and add skim milk
They talk of not eating, not sleeping, breast feeding
They talk of the left-over crust and rind from sandwiches and snacks, of happy face pancakes
They talk of drawers of pre-baby clothes; memories from the year of size four jeans
They slip thru months of maternity clothes, of night feedings, of no rest, no sex, no freedom
They set goals of next spring, summer, next fall
They complain they are all juggling too many balls
They feel the critical sting from their ignorant size four friends
They sit sipping sympathy and friendship

I found the Sunday wordle to be a strange mix and read it thru and thru several times trying to twist something together. I really try not to read my friend’s wordles until I’m somewhat happy with mine, but this week I see a lot of people has similar comments.

But my friends did triumph over the word list. Please check out Walt’s, Jo Ann’s,  De’s, Jules’s and  Misky’s (Whose time zone I’m in at the mo). They’ve all done brilliantly. Also, can’t wait to read Hannah’s and Margo’s.

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  • July 10, 2012

    I couldn’t find you on Mr. Linky or in the Comments at the Whirl…But I try and keep track of who visits so I can visit back…I had copied your site so I was able to find you again.

    Thanks for the visit, kind words and *blush* – gifting me with a triumph!

    I don’t think I ever was, nor will I ever be a size 4. Maybe at Chicco’s (not sure if that is spelled correctly) the store that uses ‘across the pond sizing’ – to make us State side gals think we are smaller than we really are. But then I’m also a bit rebellious when it comes to ‘standardization’.

  • July 10, 2012

    Veronica, If I could, I’d add your name to that list above. I love the back and forth that brings “them” into focus. Best line for me: “They sit sipping sympathy and friendship” A true friend will offer up both!

  • July 10, 2012

    love that last line and something intoxicating about the subtracting minutes from their eternity. great poem full of truths and empathy!

  • Muddy Kinzer

    July 10, 2012

    I loved this, maybe because I lived this! Impressive that you could spin that tale with the words you were given. I read it more than once! 🙂

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