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Swimming in the Bio habitat at Radotin and going underground at Koneprusy

Oh my good lord guys, suddenly it was 35 degrees in the shade today and so I said I was going to go jump in the river, but Helena said that we should go for a little drive to the bio habitat in a neighbouring little town.

Bio habitat?
I’m in!

This is such a cool place!

This is a great, big, man-made pond where the water is filtered thru a large bio habitat.
No chemicals are used, the water is tested daily and is perfectly clean and fresh.

Here is the bio habitat which cleans the pool.
There are frogs and fish in it!

And beautiful waterlilies.

The filtered water is trickled back into the swimming pool. It is further equipped with the best pool heater.
All the little children had the best fun in among the pebbles.

The pool has a part where people can walk in, a part to dive from, a ledge around the rest of the area to swim up to and comfortably haul yourself out, a safe ramp for wheelchairs and the elderly who need a little help getting in and out of the water, a gentle shallow area for the littlest ones, a small slide and god knows what else. And it’s beautifully deep in the middle. Cool and deep. As you can see pool surfaces looks like natural bed, so it is like swimming in a pond.

And you know what else I love? All sorts of people in all sorts of sizes comfortably walking around. No judgement. And naked little children. Loads of naked little children and no one cares a hoot. Just a natural and normal and ordinary European life. Just what I’m used to.

Here is that ledge I was telling you about. Oh, and another thing, children are running around the pool! In Canada the authorities would be having fits! And teens are horsing around pushing each other in! And little guys are paddling around the deeps in floaty inner tubes and little water wings and no one is freaking out that they’ll drown and trying to tether them to the shallow end.

Summer as it should be.

Except the bio habitat includes grass which has clover in it and that means bees.
Helena, poor girl, stepped on a bee and it stung her foot.
But I pulled the stinger out and she jumped into the cool water and all was well.

By lunchtime the pool got very crowded and it was still very hot, so we decided to have a little underground adventure at the Koneprusy caves.

It took a little driving to get there, but we were heading away of Prague so the highway wasn’t too packed and, before we knew it, we were in the beautiful countryside.

Up the hill is a limestone mine and opposite the mine in the cliffs are the caves.

There are some beautiful sedums growing there loving this dry heat.

I walked up to the cliffs in my shorts and t shirt but took a bag of warmer clothes because it’s a constant 10 degrees underground.

And, as soon as we walked in and the big door was closed behind us, I needed the extra clothes.

I just love these amazing natural structures.

On lady in our small tour group started to sing a mantra and her beautiful voice carried on thru the caves. It was one of the loveliest things I’ve heard in the longest time.

This cave had a lot of natural chimneys for fresh air and so there are some signs of habitation here.
There is a skull of a 40 yr old woman here form the ice age. She was ceremoniously buried by being lowered down one of the chimneys. her burial included ornaments and tools she might need for the after life. Over the centuries her bones slipped from the first layer of caves to the third.

There you go my dears, that’s what my day was like, and, for an extra bonus, I drove back towards Prague beside the little village of Liten where my grandmother and great grandmother lived.

Off to Prague tomorrow for a few days.

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  • Susan

    June 20, 2017

    Don’t you just love ecologically friendly, much loved, well utilized, man made inventions like this pond. Very impressive. America, please take note and step-up your game. So much can be learned from overseas. (N.B.: My 99 year old Uncle used to say, Europeans are much more evolved and Americans have a way to go. So right he was.) Lovely to see so many people enjoying this pond. Equally nice that there is no “swimming police” enforcing all kinds of rules. Caves are definitely fascinating places to explore.

  • June 21, 2017

    How fabulous! I completely agree about the relaxed way Europeans are at the pool or the shore. I spent a delightful afternoon watching families at a little beach in La Escala Spain. No one was worried, lots of naked little children having a blast. Grown-ups hanging out with their kids all at ease. It was relaxing just to watch them. ?

  • June 22, 2017

    Oh yes, the pool, so European. I wish things were as relaxed here in Canada.

  • June 22, 2017

    Summer as it should be! Beautiful images V .. how wonderful to be where your grandparents lived! So special ..:D

  • June 26, 2017

    what a wonderful time you’re having … i am enjoying sharing this with you!!

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