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Swing Rosy Powers Fling Gold Grasses Spray Stray Erotic Melancholy Pale Cover Do you feel it? This melancholy mood. Yesterday I watched the sunset, rosy then gold then gray. Remember seeing the crows swoop and swing on the pines. Into the night, And silence. But then the

So I’m commiting to a challenge. This is part of Vancouver Draw Down, a fun, quick, discipline. I have a confession to make. Last July I got thru the eight days of the month long challenge and other things took me away. I’m

Bought a $1 book today mostly to destroy, rip apart, alter for an art project. It’s a coffee table photo book of Canada from the 1970’s but it has the sweetest hand-written dedication in the front that now maybe I

I've got all this old stuff at home. Great stuff! Like old letters, small writing boxes and old photos, not so much found as rescued from charity shops, garage sales and, sometimes, rubbish bins and the back seat of scrap

I remember we had a children’s book where the pages were cut into thirds and could be flipped to create absurd images. I’m not sure exactly where it is, and most likely at the cabin, but I remember the pictures;