Togetherness is where it’s at this evening

It’s lovely for me when I get to spend the afternoon with both of us doing some art and work and talking out some issues in our lives.

This time the afternoon turned into evening, (days are so short right now), and as the lights were turned on progressively, I felt pretty lucky to have C here right now and realised we’ve been at it for several hours and time just stood still.

013 copy copy

C is in the middle of two important projects. She is designing a campaign for shark fining awareness, which she hopes to present all over her campus and garner support to stop that gruesome practice and also is part of a team of researchers gathering info for a report on sexting and the ramifications in Vancouver high schools.

016 copy copy

C does big, bold designs and is brilliant at them. This will be the design for a T shirt to raise awareness. (I must get her to post some of these to her blog)


I’ve decided it’s time for a new map. I love my map series and haven’t painted a new one since late August. So for this map I’m focusing on the Nuthatch. Sweet little bird. I love the way he descends trees and branches head first. I’ve done some preliminary studies and think this is going to be two nuthatches, one on a branch and one flying to the branch.

008 copy copy

The branch will follow a road right thru the centre of the map. I think the branch will touch the ground and there will be bluebells. Yes, I think there’ll be bluebells.

005 copy copy

If the mountain won’t come to Mohamed for tea…

…then Mo will go to the mountain.

In this case the mountain is Chloe who has a scary midterm tomorrow at 8:30am and has decided not to budge from her notes for the day. And, in this case Mohamed is Mo, (short for Milo) our antimatter cat. Also, if there’s a warm bed with a feather quilt on it, Mo will go to Everest. :)

049 copy

It looked like the only way I was going to have tea with C today is this way:

032 copy copy

I made some tea in an old ironstone tea pot and put it on a tray and brought it in to C’s room for us to share.

034 copy copy

No time today to fuss about pretty, dainty cups being endlessly filled. What we needed were a couple of bigger cups and so I chose a Johnson Brothers The Road Home cup for me and a special cup from Aston Pottery, a pottery in the next village to ours in England, which is hand painted with clovers…for Clover.

039 copy copy

I wanted to show you the little tray I brought the tea in. This was the wooden top off a broken table which I sponge painted with some silver paint, painted a moon and a star on in oils and then varnished over it with a golden varnish to tone down the colours. I made this twenty years ago but still love to use it.

045 copy copy

So we had our tea and I made sure C had a little chocolate, some protein bars and a cat-proof jug and cup of water, and now I have to leave C in peace and quiet.

037 copy copy

Good luck C, I know you’ll do well. :) Sharing with Teri and Martha and Sandi and Bernideen and Kathy

031 copy copy

Six out of twelve turned out absolutely deliciously! The seventh…not so much.

Chloe’s going a little crazy just now with two finals this week. As it is, it’s 9:30 pm and we’re round the kitchen table talking out Kant’s Categorical Imperative…like you do. I’m so glad I took my friend JoAnn’s advice and made lime square cookies today happily using up six of the twelve scrubby organic limes Kerstie left me.

I had a lovely time baking this afternoon. There’s something so satisfying about one’s fingers in the butter and flour and breaking eggs and whipping sugar into the golden emulsion. And the warmth and smell that comes out of the oven…no wonder we’re still in the kitchen.

lime squares
But the resulting cookies are so fantastic that they deserve a proper sit down with a proper cup of tea.

026 copy
So while we are still here with our dueling computers and our Rooibos Earl Gray and our beautiful Real Old Willow Booths tea cups, let me tell you something…
035 copy
…Make these! They are soooo yummy. And this is coming from someone who doesn’t like limes very much at all.

Do you want the recipe? Yes? Here it is then:

028 copy
¾ cup plus 2 tbsp of flour
6 tbs butter
1/3 cup shredded coconut
¼ cup fine sugar
Cool butter, sifted dry ingredients, (confession, I never sift, just fluff them up), crumble butter in with fingers, press into 8” square pan, bake at 350 for 20 minutes while you prepare the custard.

031 copy
4 eggs
¾ c fine sugar
1/3 c flour
1/2c lime juice
Break the eggs into a bowl and whip them with the sugar, add the flour and lime juice and maybe grate some lime zest in as well. I didn’t cause I’m a big lime chicken. Take out the partially baked crust, pour the custard on top and return to the oven for 20 more minutes.
Sprinkle 1/3 cup shredded coconut on top and bake for another 10 minutes. (Ok I sprinkled at least another ½ cup of coconut on top.)

033 copy
Let cool and cut it up and go make some tea.

Oh, almost forgot, the seventh lime…C decided to make limeade. Not a good idea apparently. :) Seven down, five more scrubby limes to go.

044 copy

How to study

Not everyone has the advantage of a tutor/spellchecker/task monitor.
062 copy

063 copy

067 copy

You’ve got to be thankful for all the help you can get while writing those term papers.

068 copy

Joining Mosaic Monday with my three helpful cats.

A new bank holiday Monday for Canada…happy Family Day

In preparation for Canada’s newest bank holiday Monday, Family Day, I opened a “grandchildren” box which had been sealed for the past ten years or so. What did I find? All the hand puppets in various stages of muckiness.

So I threw them in the wash. Stuffies can be washed in cold…can’t they? But the last time I put a stuffy into the dryer there were some disastrous results so the puppets were stood on shampoo and hair spray bottles on the counter of the “James Bond” bathroom overnight to dry. (The James Bond bathroom is another story)

065 copy

In the morning all they needed was a good brush-out.

061 copy

After a shower and an emergency trip to Sbux, there was a few hours dedicated to midterm study and theory discussion.

You can see that Milo is always helpful in these situations.

001 copy

Then Kerstie brought Bunny and Binky over and we played and had a puppet show.

006 copy

I’d call that a lovely Family Day bank holiday, wouldn’t you?

011 copy

How to study

It’s as easy as that!

How to study…the warning post

Nevermind Facebook…

It isn’t easy writing those term papers round here.

How to study

How to study…writing the first term paper

C in begining third year study mode

Got dry readings…read them at Sbux of course.