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Resort entertainment, a bizarre production

Last night, after supper, Robbie and I walked thru the resort and saw some people hanging ropes, testing laser lights and puffing out clouds of smoke from a smoke machine. And we thought, “A SHOW!” So we pulled up a chair and waited. We…

November 27, 2016

Mexico, got out of town

Let me tell you something 😀 This is going to belong to my “Well, if you can believe this!” file. Remember last June I stepped sideways and wrenched my right ankle? Well, Wednesday evening I stepped sideways again…this time off a chair holding a…

November 25, 2016

Opening night at the Anonymous Show and the day after

I have to tell you all about this fun and amazing art show which is on right now at the CityScape gallery, the Anonymous art show. If you remember, I submitted these three paintings, so I was excited to see them there. The opening…

November 19, 2016

Art Challenge: Winter Salon

I’ve been sitting in my dark living room in the early evening wondering where all the daylight has gone. Actually, it’s pretty simple really, Rain-couver over here plus end of daylight savings means low light. I like my fairy lights and my candles. It’s…

November 12, 2016

Too many beautiful leaves too little time!

The other day I was walking in a rain-soaked park. I took a video and when I played it back, the rain sounded so loud and drumming and crackling on my umbrella. It felt so incredibly calming. I picked up a vine maple leaf…

November 6, 2016

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone. As I’m writing this post, tons of children are coming to the door. I live two city blocks east of one elementary school and four city blocks west of another, so the neighbourhood’s full of little princesses, ghouls and devils. I…

October 31, 2016
watercolour painting of sandpipers

Ariane’s art challenge: Tide

Hello everyone, I know it’s been too quiet here on my blog and it’s been a bit of a hard adjustment back to Vancouver this month. Basically I found myself with nothing of any value to share. Therefore I’m so grateful to Ariane for…

September 24, 2016
At the White Horse, Uffington

At the ancient White Horse, plus video

You know, When I think about it, it’s pretty silly that we haven’t taken the time to walk up here in a few years. It’s actually only about 20 miles away from home, and now that we’re here I wonder what took us so…

August 29, 2016
Blenheim Palace

Lunch at the palace next door: Blenheim Palace and a video

Hello everybody, this morning FB gave me one of those memories from __ suggestions, and it was from Blenheim seven years ago. It’s been more like 13 years of me being a pass holder, of me casually parking up, flashing my membership card and…

August 25, 2016