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Happiness from Saturday night.

Remember I told you on Wednesday that my friend turned 100yrs old? Well, tonight was his birthday party. What a wonderful age, what a remarkable life! Chloe and I dressed in evening dress, drove to mom’s house and waited for her to get ready……

October 6, 2013

Where she relishes the last day of summer

How lucky can a girl get? The forecast was for rain, which must have been amended sometime between the downpour of last night and the shaky sun of this morning, and maybe it was a warm easterly wind and maybe it’s just because the…

September 21, 2013

Weekend review on a mosaic Monday

There’s a local joke that goes: “What comes after two days of rain in Vancouver?” “Monday!” Yeah, it’s not that funny if it’s your weekend. Saturday I promised mom some help with a supper she was hosting at her house. Eight guests, I was…

April 29, 2013

Getting out of the city

Suddenly it’s spring in Vancouver! Warm and lovely, and time to get out of the city, so Chloe, mom and I headed out of Vancouver for the country. Three generation, one 4wheel drive. We took my big car because I wanted to buy two…

March 30, 2013

Lesson learned last week:

Mom ran over a pot hole with her ridiculously expensive and altogether too-much-car-for-a-78-million-yr-old-lady 2012 E 300 Mercedes and took a chunk out of the sidewall of one of the low profile tires. She was very nervous driving it in that condition, so made an…

June 5, 2012

Here is a story from this weekend

Was sitting at the lake, (well, we call it a lake but it’s actually a small pond), with a camera, taking photos of pond life and my mother sat close by with her crossword puzzle, glass of wine and pen. Mom: “Four letters, starts…

September 10, 2011