Photo Friday and WordPress photo challenges

Lol… Alive, Inside:

020 copy

029 copy

Don’t worry, it’s just dusty little ‘ol me. We were enlarging one of the bedrooms at West Cottage. :D

031 copy

Friday photo challeneges

Photo Friday for Calm and the WordPress photo challenge for Perspective. This little calm moment of Chloe’s was actually in full daylight. Thank goodness for window blinds. :D

050 copy copy

WordPress weekly photo challenge, treasure

It was really hard for me to chose because I tend to classify so much as “treasure” in my life, but then I came across this photo of a little test tube of fossilized seashells. This is about the only thing I have which belonged to my birth father; who I lost when I was very young. It is a little treasure in my life.

time kills copy

For the WordPress weekly photo challenge. :D

The weekly photo challenges

Photo Friday’s “female” and WordPress’ “Object

A delicate, translucent jaw bone in my hand. A found object from today’s beach walk.

046 copy copy

Let there be light…WordPress

For the WordPress photo challenge “Let there be light”

_MG_3188 copy

I like this one :)

WordPress weekly photo challenge: Foreshadow

I predict there’s a serious bath in this child’s immediate future:


And, I predict there may be a laundry day in this child’s mother’s future…lol


Hope the sun lasts long enough to dry out those shoes.

Linking with the WordPress photo challenge. :)

The golden hour for the WordPress weekly photo challenge

I was walking down to the village on this hot day and on the way down I passed our local herd of cows who were feeling the heat in their soft velvet coats.

003 copy

There is a very little stream which runs thru Brook Farm and the farmer has made a lovely smooshy, splooshy, puddle of a pool.

010 copy

On my way back the whole little herd was in the pool waggling their tails around, drinking the water, enjoying themselves to the max.

That was my golden hour. :)

039 copy

For the wordpress weekly photo challenge, the golden hour.

Family Friday and random thoughts

I’m feeling rather nostalgic today and linking with Nancy for random thoughts.

Nostalgic because it’s the WordPress weekly photo prompt and I have that on my mind, but also because I’ll be leaving in a couple of days and C and I have been in the garden this morning cleaning up trying to clean up the weeds and plants before I leave, and I’m looking round the garden and thinking, wow, I’m growing all the plats my grandfather loved the most.

In his garden I remember rows of portulacas, and I grow them every year. You know what? Their little seeds are like tiny silver beads of mercury and the most fascinating thing a child can hold in her little hand.

015 copy

Why is it that the minute you pull up a weed it just makes room for 17 more weds to grow? But the raspberries are shading all the weeds out. Maybe growing raspberries everywhere it the answer. :)

garden 2

Also, I’ve decided that if you can’t beat ‘em, let ‘em be. This seven foot tall iron structure is where the red runner beans are supposed to grow, but somehow a few have escaped to the bronze fennel and the sweet pea gate. Whatever…grow happy little beans.


I think that yellow and purple are the queen of colour combinations! The absolute ruling monarch. I’m so going to try for more yellow and purple round here.

005 copy

C took this photo of me today and did something funky with it and stuck it on her Instagram. Yes, I can see that dandelion laughing at me from between the bricks. No I probably don’t have time to pull it up before I go.

IMG_2708 copy

Weekly photo challenge: Companionable

Hello WordPress daily, it’s been a while. :)

postcard 1

Well, this is an interesting challenge. Who are my companions? What do I find companionable?

Gosh, I’m mostly a loner and don’t have steady companionship around me. So I was thinking that the most reliable companionship I have is my imagination. It leads to my creativity, my thirst for learning, my ability to jump into a project and figure it out along the way, and is the crucial element to my happiness.

Artistic photograph featuring a page from a vintage how to dance book and a saying which is original to Robert. It’s a very valuable lesson for me.

Curves for WordPress and some random five

The word is curves and I’m sat here in the office processing photos not daring to go downstairs into the mayhem which is my house this morning. I’m getting lost in my photographs because today is the first day of the hardwood floor replacement. Boy Nancy, do I ever have random thoughts today, but I’ll try to keep it to the five I should. :)

lilies 1 (Curve one)

Thought 1: Why is it so hard for me to focus in the office while a team of extremely competent women is packing up the house? Well, probably because I’m a control freak! It’s true I tell you. I can’t not be part of the business even if I don’t want to be, no one is paying me for it, these really lovely ladies are professional, they will not break the china and crystal and, if they do, they are completely insured for replacement. Get a grip V! Focus and get some work done!

Thought 2: I hate displacement. I know that in the long run having the floors replaced to new/old fir floors will increase the price of the house, it’ll have to be done at some future time anyway, I’ve been paying house insurance for years and years and since I have a entitlement after the bad plumber debacle, it is very logical to get it done. But I hate being displaced out of my home, out of my bedroom!!!!! Doesn’t make sense, does it? I’m being a princess baby from hell, aren’t I? Suck it up V!

Thought 3: I wish I was at the cabin and this was all over with by the time I came back.

horseshoes1 (Curves two)

Thought 4: I will survive…hey, hey. Honestly, I think I’m so attached to my house and all my things being around me because, right or wrong, (probably wrong), I feel like my life has been one of repetitive major loss of stuff. I mean, lost everything immigrating to Canada as political refugees, lost homes and so much twice thru two divorces, (except kept the children, which was the only thing I wanted anyway). And I do tell myself it’s just stuff. It’s just stuff!!! Stuff V!

Masks (Curves three)

Thought 5: It’s raining…again…wish I was in Mexico sitting on the beach counting pelicans. Yes, that would be so nice. :)

Linking to Nancy’s A Rural Journal and the WordPress weekly photo challenge – curves