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So I’m commiting to a challenge. This is part of Vancouver Draw Down, a fun, quick, discipline. I have a confession to make. Last July I got thru the eight days of the month long challenge and other things took me away. I’m

This special Saturday, this cinco de mayo day, we had a Mexican themed party for K and A and their new baby-to-be. For many friends this was the last time they would see K in one piece

April 15th four years ago, my father turned 70. A few days later on April 22nd he died. We were lucky, we tried to tell ourselves, he was given eight months and he actually got eighteen. My parents were in

Friday comes with a steady blue sky and the path thru the park is very green. Moss is growing on everything; I think even me if I stand in one place. But out of the forest, on the cliffs, Howe Sound is

A while ago, R gave me a perfect little nest that he found. Honestly, he gives the best prezzies in the world. If you’re looking for the best prezzie in the world just ask R. Actually just ask me and I’ll

At Café Calabria Frank’s cappuccino – made with love Beautiful company Brotherly help White jeans and sugar Panama hat Sidewalk scene Mirror shot Um…err…moving on Time to go