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We took a mini break at the Jurassic Coast. Three beaches, a 13C chapel, and a video.

We decided to head down to the sea shore for a mini vacation.
Now since the isles are surrounded by all sorts of beaches, I did a little research to where I’d like to go, and I chose the Jurassic coast in the south.

A little research turned up this gem of a B&B, The Abbey House in the quaint little village of Abotsburry.

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We will definitely stay here again next summer.

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Here is our luxurious and ever so comfortable bedroom, complete with an ensuite with soaker tub and separate shower fluffy towels and beautiful boutique toiletries.

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I also chose this B&B because it is right beside the biggest and possibly the best preserved 14C tithe barn in England. (It was useful to Henry 8th so wasn’t destroyed during the reformation.) And close to a monument called St Catherine’s chapel. (Which also wasn’t destroyed because it was useful as a beacon for mariners.)

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So we dropped off out overnight bags in our room, grabbed out beach gear and headed off to the nearest beach along the Jurassic coast.

Now I must admit that the child in me felt like we were going to find fossils at every turn, and the adventurer in me felt like I’m not going to stop searching till I do!

The first beach we came to was called Chesil beach and I fell in love with the beautiful polished rocks there.

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Glorious, glorious little polished pebbles.

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We had a swim and I gathered up handfuls of pebbles to take home for possible rings, and decided to drive to an other beach.

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It was afternoon by the time we left Chesil beach, and as we drove along the Dorset coast, a fog started to roll in in the most romantic way over the bucolic countryside.

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The we arrived in a little “Doc Martin” seaside village called West Bay and stopped at the beach there.

118 copy copy

Wow! This beach!

116 copy copy

We were advised that fossils could be found in the sandstone and shale cliffs and so decided to take a look for ourselves.

110 copy copy

We saw tons of people with their little geological hammers digging into the sandstone, and then remembered that last year a part of the cliff fell down and killed a woman.

088 copy copy

As a matter of fact, as we were talking to someone, a rock tumbled off the cliffs and landed with a thump a little way from us. The woman said, “Oh yeah, the cliff slides bring the rocks down.”

Umm, we called this the Darwin Awards Beach! And stepped away from the cliffs.

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We didn’t find any fossils here, but we had fun looking.

094 copy copy

Soon it was time to head back to our B&B and think about supper.

132 copy copy

We pointed the car towards St Catherine’s chapel and the little hamlet of Abbotsbury, and walked into town to the pub for fish and chips.

156 copy copy

After supper Robbie felt like having a rest and I wanted to go explore the hamlet.

I started off with the church right next door to the B&B.

161 copy copy

This little church is built on the ruins of the Abbey of St Peter.

162 copy copy

It wasn’t spared during the reformation and most of the windows are Victorian stained glass, except for this one of Mary the virgin, which was found and pieced back together. It is most probably a small part of a medieval window.

163 copy copy

I walked to the tithe barn and walked around the pond.

169 copy copy

Then I walked out of the garden gate and up the hill to St Catherine’s chapel.

173 copy copy

On the way up the hill I met a woman walking her dog. I stopped to say hello and she told me she got married in the chapel because it’s such a special place.

211 copy copy

Looking down on our little hamlet and the B&B, I would agree with her.

214 copy copy

244 copy copy

The inside of this chapel is bare ground and dove roosts. So simple and so magical.

235 copy copy

I stayed for the sunset…

238 copy copy

…and walked back through our sleepy little hamlet to the B&B.

248 copy copy

The next morning we had breakfast, said goodbye to our hosts, and went off in search of a new beach and some fossils.

148 copy copy

We were told that Charmouth beach was the most famous of the fossil beaches on this Jurassic coast, and so we headed straight down there.

250 copy copy

Instead of soft, yellow sandstone, we found hard clay and shale.

251 copy copy

And tons of people beachcombing for fossils.

268 copy copy

This beach did not disappoint.

258 copy copy

There were several huge boulders along the beach with fossils in them. Like these ammonites.

266 copy copy

And this: apparently a prehistoric turtle shell.

256 copy copy

We spoke to some fossil hunters and they showed us some ancient fossils called belemnites: calcified remains of a prehistoric squid type creature.

257 copy copy

So while we collected a bunch from among the rocks, other people had other ideas!

267 copy copy

We’ve had the most amazing time this little holiday get-away. We visited a new part of England I’ve never been to and discovered some new and wonderful things.

Here is a little video I made for you. Hope you like it. Sorry about the smudge on the camera lens. I didn;t notice it till editing.

269 copy copy

We’re already planning to come back here next summer. ๐Ÿ˜€

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  • September 2, 2016

    Hi Veronica lovely post fantastic photos. We went to that area when our children were small, and we have a some flat grey stones with ammonites in them. You should try Lyme Regis that’s pretty too, or the South Hams in south Devon. Dartmouth and Salcombe. Fantastic coast line along there, from Dartmouth to Plymouth.

  • September 2, 2016

    Jeez, after seeing those dinosaur movies, I don’t know that I would be eager to visit anywhere called “Jurassic” anything! But glad you did and thanks for the travelogue — very interesting!

  • September 2, 2016

    Such a very beautiful place! How lucky you are to have been able to visit it. That B&B is exquisite. And the fog makes the countryside all the more enchanting. Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos.

  • September 4, 2016

    ‘On Chesil Beach’ is a novel by one of my favourite authors, Ian McEwan. I think it was one of his weaker books, but it was largely about the awkwardness of two young people wanting to consummate their relationship … now that I see that pebbled beach I see why they felt so uncomfortable ๐Ÿ™‚ ha ha ha.
    Lovely pics!

  • September 7, 2016

    oh this was an awesome get-away, thanks for taking us along .. those cliffs brought to mind the BBC series Broadchurch …

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