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We’re definitely out of the closet!

C and I are having a bit a spring clean round here and part of that is taking everything out of our closets, storing away winter clothes and freshening up the summer clothes.

So while we were finishing up the organising I complained to C that I haven’t posted in a few days, the photo challenges are Artificial light, and patterns, and didn’t know what to post. She said, “look”.

So I give you:
Our clean and organised closets, with tons of interesting patterns and overhead lights.

This is my closet.
013 copy

And this is C’s. The pink dress is for a Saturday wedding she’s going to.
018 copy

I love Sarah Jessica Parker’s saying, “I like to see where my money is; hanging in my closet.” But our stuff is only about 10% really expensive designer had-to-haves, 25% vintage, 25% pret a porter, and the rest is an assortment of travel finds, imports, hand-me-ups, (C’s case hand-me-downs), and one or two pieces of wearable art which we probably will never wear but is fun to have.

Now to go take away that huge charity bag in the hallway.

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