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What’s mine? Ha…what a question for the WordPress weekly photo challenge to ask just now!

Yup too much naval gazing lately.
That’s what happens in the studio, door shut, silence, just the whisper of my paintbrush on the canvas. I thought this WordPress weekly photo challenge was a bit right on the spot for right now. Evaluating what is “mine” in this past September month of loss, was something that, if you’re me, is a slightly dangerous thing to be doing.

I offer this: a shot from my studio.

If I take it philosophically I can truly say there are very few things that I consider as mine. Definitely not possession or people. The greatest treasure I “own” is my talent. My ability to put paint to canvas, my ability to put words down on paper, my ability to recognise a light quality and grab the camera…and most importantly, these are the things which please me, soothe me, bring me joy and peace. This is mine. Mine uniquely and, since I can create art out of sand, pebbles, bits of found wire and twigs and find it fulfilling, cameras, canvases, paints, paper, all could be gone and I still would have my talent and that would be enough to make me happy. (Although you might be stuck listening to me recite!)  :0

My friend Jane Ann Mc Lachlan has issued an interesting challenge; to reflect on my past over the month of Oct. Twenty five posts in 31 days. I’m thinking that maybe I can’t do it but I’ll give it a try for now and include this poem as a reflection:

Wandering in the wood the ghost of my thoughts delivers letters to the trees.
The trees reply by shaking their heads and sighing above the constant music of their branches.
On the ground the needles whisper beneath invisible feet.
In cracks and crevices the mushrooms clear their throats and declare on the merits of loss.
The ghost flits sadly away and is lost to view among brambles and clumps of dead bracken which crackle softly by its passing.
The trees drop the letters on the soil to be carried by excited beetles snickering at the sentimental words.
Till squirrels pounce and grab the letters for themselves and dart away.

Ok, it’s as good as it’s going to get right now.

Edit: My friend Sara very gently informed me that it’s navel not naval unless there’s an ocean in my belly button…lol…I’m such a numpty!

Thank you Sara 🙂

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