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Winter walk and some magic

We have been working all day. About 4pm R and I looked at each other and said, “Let’s go for that walk.” So on with 17 layers of clothes, wellies, hats, mits and we walked out into the fields.

At the end of first field were some rooks arguing with something. “A FOX, A FOX, IT’S A FOX, I LOVE FOXES!” (I may have jumped up and down a little too.) I shouted.  R said “hush” but too late. The fox heard and ran away.

All we saw were the footprints.

So we walked on the footpath thru the fields to Hawk field and turned back. And just then, coming out of the little copse, beside the hedge, on the footpath, there he was…

…. magic.

Then home to Theo, a nice open fire and supper. It was a good evening.

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