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Within the ten miles…Burford!

You gotta love Burford, the ideal Cotswold town. Burh = fortified town and Ford = river crossing. Could there be any other town where Uther Pendragon, King Arthur’s father, gave a golden dragon as a standard? Bet it was a real dragon, bet it breathed fire.
In this lovely, lovely town 15th and 16thC buildings function as homes, shops, hotels and pubs.

So let’s go.
Let’s park up beside this warm stone wall.

Let’s follow the small road to the High street. It’s summer crazy with people.

The High street is full of lovely shops.

And little alleys with shops.

Look at this mix of 15th to 17thC buildings.

The shops give way to cottages and homes.

Many with large archway entrances for horses and carriages, now handy for cars.

The town ends, and we stop at the Windrush River. But now we get to go up the other side!

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