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You’re only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!!!

Sunday morning, jumped out of bed, fed the cat and hooned 90 miles X country in the turbo mini.
What’s this we found?
Mini Day at Santa Pod raceway!
I know I do go on about minis…but I just love them so much.

Hello mini!

Oooo, got to get a GB badge for my mini!

Look at this amazing thing! It’s an extremely valuable and rare mini cooper from one of the early years. Comes with its own swamp garden too!

It will end up being restored and looking spectacular and be worth maybe 25,000 GBP, ($38,000)…like this one:

Here are some lovely mini fronts…

And some mini bums too.

Some minis were dressed for the club shows,

Others were just…um…indescribable. 🙂 Doesn’t it make you smile?

And some minis were beautifully engineered for power…

And this one for sheer speed!

Looking inside R’s turbo mini…it’s hard for me to drive this powerful beastie.

And this says it all!

Some fun!

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