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It's so beautiful out on the patio overlooking the shade garden. That part of the garden is under the canopy of my two beautiful maples and their leaves have been falling everywhere. I have a leaf carpet and tablecloth. What could be

Friday I broke my heart. It's a very private matter and nothing I want to talk about and, anyway, I'm not in the right frame of mind to spill everything in here and then try to pick up the pieces

The lovely bright October sunshine. Sometimes it feels just too bright. Do you have that kind of light where you are? It's the oblique angle of the autumn sun I think. I almost want to wear sunglasses inside the house.

You know how I say that I love mornings? I've been a morning person my whole life. I guess it started when I decided that figure skating was for me and my mornings began at 5:30-6am for daily before school ice