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Santa came after all!! So many prezzies. A whole harbour in a box. I made pillows for each of the girls with some vintage flannel which belonged to my grandmother and I appliqued their names on them. Morgan had the best time with

Hi everyone, This post is long in coming and I've been looking at it for several days now, but the truth is that I'm finding Christmas very hard this year. Ok, I'm just going to stop writing about that now because

Well, what a turn-up for the books! Our rare and lovely light dusting of snow was scheduled for a change. Driving X-town listening to CBC, the words "Vancouver" and "Snowmageddon" were being brandished about on the radio. OMG everyone take cover! Now

Just before Robert's return to OXON, we ran out to the country to pick up a specialty tool for him. And while we were out there, we kept going. We ended up in the quaint little town of Fort Langley