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A bit of random while the sun shines

Morgan is a chocolate box cat. If you look on the cover of a really good box of chocolates you’ll see Morgan’s little face there. I wish you could feel her fur. She feels like the softest rabbit right now. She leant against a dandelion seed head and the breeze sent the seeds in her direction. She was really annoyed about that.

Both the cats have something spring-crazy in them. Milo keeps jumping into the hedge and running around the garden like a mad nutter.

Birds keep shouting down at him. Here: Mr and Mrs Rosy Housefinch for one. The local starlings aren’t too fond of him either.

The parrot tulips are completely outrageous right now.
Don’t they just look like crazy twirling flamenco dancers? (I used to take flamenco lessons.) They make me want to dust off my shoes and dance a sevillana.

Morgan trying to be as cute as possible because she thinks people food is yummier than cat food…even Whiskas.

And this beautiful little bunch of lily of the valley. Don’t they look just right in hobnail? I swear that hobnail glass was invented for lily of the valley. (Oh, also for snowdrops.) I’ve put them in my bedroom because I can’t get enough of their sweet fragrance.

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