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A morning at Aston Pottery

I’ve been trying to get to Aston Pottery this summer and I’m actually happy it took till late summer to got there, (even if it’s only the next village over, lol). My friend and neighbour Gill and I planned a lovely catch-up over tea and a walk round the gardens.

IMG_3336 copy

I’ve been in love with the quirky, hand-stencilled pottery made here for several years now, and each time I come here there are new patterns and products on offer.

IMG_3333 copy

The ones I’m in love with are the birds. I’ve got several of these bird tea cups and other pieces but really love this blue agapanthus pattern.


After tea, Gill and I walked out into the gardens. There is a rare black bumblebee in England and it has been spotted on the bee balm and the salvia “lipstick”. So Gill and I made it a mission to find him in the flowers.

IMG_3349 copy

Nope, this isn’t the black bumblebee, but the echinacea was full of bees and butterflies. Isn’t it wonderful to see bees on flowers and isn’t it wonderful when people do the best they can for the bees?

IMG_3354 copy

I love autumnal colours and all these yellows were so beautiful against the sky.

IMG_3367 copy

Sedums are fantastic this time of year as well. This Autumn joy was really healthy and big, but the sedum “Purple Emperor” was so full of bees and butterflies the flower heads were practically bending over. (Must remember this when I get back to my Vancouver garden)

IMG_3358 copy

Here’s another autumnal plant I love: asters. Here’s they are called Michaelmas daisies. Mine in Vancouver always succumb to some sort of something. Last year I think it was a caterpillar. Wish I could grow them better.

IMG_3337 copy

Gill and I kept looking at each other and saying things like, “If only we could just pick five or so stems to take home…” πŸ™‚ But we had the best chat and catch-up, the loveliest tea and a sweet treat, we both bought a sweetie to take home for our sweeties (an eccles cake for Robbie, a piece of Eaton Mess cake for Billy), and had a lovely morning. (Even if we had to leave all the flowers there.) πŸ™‚


In the end we did see several black bumblebees, but I couldn’t get a clear photo. πŸ™ Sorry.

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  • August 31, 2013

    Hi Veronica. What a beautiful place and love the pottery. Your photos are outstanding. That little butterfly on the sedum is just gorgeous..Happy Weekend..Judy

  • Christie

    August 31, 2013

    What a wonderful day – all that gorgeous pottery, spectacular flowers, busy bees and beautiful butterflies! Thanks for sharing the fun.

  • September 3, 2013

    I love blue and white pottery! And I love flowers, birds, bees, critters on pottery too–so this was a lovely jaunt; and daisies, asters, echinacea–happy happy flowers!! Of course bees make me do a happy dance too, society has been so stupid with these lovely little insects and now we’re finally pulling our head out of…well, wherever to try and do something to save the bees. Thank you for such a wonderful day πŸ™‚

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