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A visit to historic Stewart farm

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About an hour away from home, almost at the US border, is a little farm preserved since the 1800s. It’s now run as a little museum/photo/wedding/school trip/other venue. We were driving out in that direction for a car show and I remembered taking a two day plein air session there about 13 years ago, and wanted to have another look.

I’m so glad we stopped by because it’s just such a little time bubble, and I love all things vintage and time bubble like. šŸ˜€

Come walk with me.

From the front parlour, reserved for the occasional visitors, to the drawing room and the dining room table set for afternoon tea, this little jewel is so traditionally Victorian.

And practical! You know, from the central cast iron stove to the bath room right beside the kitchen so the hot water doesn’t have to be carried far, from the staircases relegated to the odd corners of the house, to the wrap around porch for maximum summertime enjoyment. Those Victorians knew how to build a home. Actually, as I walked around this house, it occurred to me that I own and use many of the household goods I see on display.

On the farm grounds is a lovely garden with 20 ft tall sunflowers. The farm offers packets of seeds so I bought some for my garden here in Van. Among the packets I bought are Giant Russian sunflowers, a mix of annuals called The Children’s Victorian Flower Garden Mix, and a pole bean called Lazy Housewife (apparently the first stringless snap bean).

Further there is a beautiful old barn, an apple orchard and a well stocked root cellar.


Next life I’m so living on a Victorian farm.

Sharing with Judith and the mosaic bunch.

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  • September 7, 2015

    Hi Veronica. I enjoyed the tour of this old farmhouse. So many things in it remind me of my great aunt and uncle’s home. I enjoy touring old homes that have preserved the past. I hope you’ve had a wonderful long weekend. Pam

  • September 7, 2015

    Veronica, thank you for the tour. What a lovely place; it certainly brings back a simpler time. I too, love all thing vintage and time-bubble.

  • September 7, 2015

    Hi Veronica, nice to see you back. You described the farm perfectly as though it’s in a time bubble and I loved looking at the antiques. Would you really want to live back then with no modern conveniences?
    Do point out to your family that the ‘tom foolery’ at the pump was noticed. šŸ™‚
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  • September 7, 2015

    What a fabulous spit to visit…and I have a desk very much like if not the same as the one pictured here.

  • September 8, 2015

    How wonderful! I would love to go there.

  • daryledelstein

    September 10, 2015

    love that house, sitting there so proud .. the inside is lovely too …

  • September 11, 2015

    Hey V .. I love it! I’ve been away and just trying to catch up on my fav blogs! How are you? Must be great being back in Canada? Wonderful pics lovely … must send you an email šŸ˜€

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