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A walk in the old hood

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I used to live much higher up the mountains and this beautiful park used to be my every day walk. There is a special lake here which serves as the Vancouver drinking water reservoir, so it’s a very peaceful place since people are not allowed near the water. Today there were a few wild swans on the lake and a large flock flew over head, probably off up north for the breading season.

The hummingbirds are back and flashing their ruby throats all over the place and absolutely dazzling jewels in this blue and white postcard setting.

The water level flowing down the dam is still moderate; the thaw hasn’t really begun.

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I walked from the park thru the streets and over the little creeks of my old neighbourhood.

One of my old neighbours was trimming his forsythia. I stopped to ask him if I could have some for the vase and he said he was more than happy to be rid of it. I couldn’t understand that because to me forsythia is so cheery and bright, so happy to bloom, a real herald of spring. I came away with a huge bunch.

A bit further on my walk someone was trimming his magnolia. How lucky can a girl get?

Those soft velvety buds are simply beautiful as they are, let alone when they begin to open and reveal their brilliantly pink and creamy blooms.

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I chose some vases and spent a few lovely minutes arranging my branches.

I thought the magnolia would look lovely in this creamy ironstone vase but in the end I felt loathed to cut down the spectacular stems and so got a cut crystal ruby vase I brought from Prague years ago.

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Now I can’t stop photographing the magnolias in the evening sun.

Ok, one more.

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Comments: 12

  • March 27, 2013

    Love the magnolia branches in the red crystal vase. Absolutely beautiful. BTW, thank you for not telling me how Downton Abbey ended. I don’t know if I’ll watch another season.

  • KathyB.

    March 27, 2013

    You captured the light through the vase at a perfect moment. The vase has such a rich red color. I love ( covet) it. You are right, you got mighty lucky and took your walk at the perfect time . You scored a bounty of blooming beauty !

  • Karen

    March 28, 2013

    Oh my gosh – trimming the magnolia BEFORE it blooms? I try to save every last blossom when I finally get some. That’s life at the coast for you 😉 Thanks, Veronica.

  • March 28, 2013

    Beautiful – the lake is glorious. Lucky you to get such pretty, early blossoms.

  • March 28, 2013

    Love going along on your walks. Beautiful.

  • March 31, 2013

    That lake shot was pure heaven! And I love Magnolias–you are one lucky girl 😉 And I’m lucky you couldn’t stop taking photos of them in the evening light–evening and morning light just make everything magical, don’t you think so?

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